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News media corruption:


One story not being used to promote the "War on Terror" (0:54)

14 year old knocks out TV news liars (13:25)

A clear eyed view of why are where we are (04:00)

A close look at Trump (21:54)

A popular chant in Ferguson (0:30)

A reality check on Venezuela (46:37)

A younger Noam Chomsky defends Daniel Ellsberg (08:01)

Abby Martin and Joe Rogan chat (02:51:19)

"Act Like An Insider" - Or Else (9:21)

Africa reality check (02:05)

Anderson Cooper CIA grad (09:04)

Another look at the Bundy Ranch (14:22)

Another unbelievable school story ( 7:31)

Bad news - YouTube is dead (28:23)

Banning real news (01:00:31)

Black “riots” vs. white “riots” (2:50)

Bogus news reporting in action (2:36)

Boston Bombing and the private contractors (5:05)

Bradley Manning: Forgotten Man (15:55)

Bread and circuses (1:22)

Breaking News (04:55)

Bribed to betray the people (13:21)

CBS news reporter talks about news media corruption (08:02)

Child-Sex Ring run by Republicans (56:41)

CIA/Cheney/Fox: Torture? What torture? (8:28)

CNN's Fareed Zakaria attempts Jedi mind trick (8:17)

Confirmed: Syrian chemical attack a scam (19:03)

Congressman Larry McDonald (17:41)

Corporate media refuses to cover 'Global Mafia' meeting (6:57)

"Crazy" conspiracy theories (10:11)

Crisis creation: 1981 style (13:10)

Did Trump really work with the Kremlin? (28:43)

Duped! (01:17:09)

Eight years ago... (05:13)

Endless war with Russia back on? (15:11)

Facebook's political censorship department (14:44)

Facts about Castro and Cuba (28:00)

Fake news about a plague (24:41)

Fake News hysteria (01:07)

False catharsis in HBO's 'The Newsroom' (3:27)

Five minutes of truth that didn't make it to TV (07:59)

Forget self-driving cars, trips to the Mars and other BS (11:21)

Fox News enlightens us with strategy against Muslims (8:43)

Fox news host makes joke about being homeless (4:55)

Freud the Fraud (55:21)

Getting real about Venezuela (38:58)

Healing our sick culture (30:00)

Healing the Hive (41:18)

Hero? Really? (1:13)

Highest rated show pulled for being anti-war (7:03)

Hollyweird (02:27)

How propaganda in the media works (3:56)

How small groups beat the military of empires (18:39)

How the media elevates scammers (01:15:19)

How Trump won (14:31)

How US journalists are bribed (16:06)

Human Flow - a film about refugees (02:41)

If you believe in doing serious research (28:48)

Invisible Empire (2:14:01)

It takes a lot to get people to suck down poison (2:40)

It was a belt fed machine gun (00:47)

Jimmy Dore on the fake news business (32:00)

Journalism infiltrated by CIA? (13:21)

Journalists silenced, Americans in the dark (14:27)

Jubilation as Tripoli falls...in India? (1:09)

Kent State - 1970 (2:38)

Kerry: We need more propaganda (6:59)

Lying with satellite pictures (3:53)

Major 9/11 US news media fraud (01:57)

Major warhawk calls for peace and the US news media ignores him (04:39)

Making sense of the election (28:13)

Manufacturing consent (04:46)

Meanwhile, regime change (18:25)

Media coverage of Sikh Temple shooting locked-in to an 'official' storyline (5:45)

Monsanto's Roundup is Glyphosate (09:25)

MSNBC boots winning show for offending "Washington" (10:00)

Network Newsreaders and Other Airheads (1:44)

News anchor quits Russia Today on air (1:15)

"No one is asking about Russia" (07:30)

Non-argument for the moon landing Neil deGrasse Tyson (03:52)

Normalizing tragedy (19:28)

North Dakota pipeline already leaking (05:41)

NY Times caught lying about Iran again (3:01)

"Obama makes Bush look moderate..." (13:38)

Off-the-hook censorship at PBS (08:18)

Ooops - Common knowledge make it to the news (0:30)

Paid for by George Soros (16:39)

Police single out citizen journalists (3:16)

Pressure from above, pressure from below (7:49)

Propaganda's founding father, Edward Bernays (2:52)

Real fake news - How it's made (07:21)

Rehabbing Bush Jr. (06:15)

Rip and read news reporting (02:36)

Ron Paul victory would threaten the establishment's con game (7:32)

Shell Oil's murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa (59:38)

Sinister coverups for billionaires (12:27)

Special Report: The video poker cover story (02:28)

Spreading the truth before the Internet (12:34)

Stop the madness (09:36)

Taking back history (2:13)

Techno-Fascism (26:53)

The "Magic" Confession Note (5:50)

The 2nd Annual Real Fake New Rewards (49:35)

The AIDS industry (07:53)

The arrogance and failure of news media (4:20)

The billionaire who intercepts whistle blowers (57:33)

The Boston-ization of Paris (6:41)

The champion of the free press (10:46)

The death of Robin Williams (8:49)

The ever-loathesome New York Times (10:56)

The ever-unreliable news media (12:27)

The FBI and terrorism (05:27)

The FBI vs the Truth (06:22)

The Franklin Scandal - Another blackmail ring (3:21)

The history of the press (04:06)

The Jeff Bezos/National Enquirer scandal (4:05)

The Kennedy assassination and the shut down of the media (6:59)

The media circus and perpetual war (14:38)

The media explains what's wrong with the media (3:58)

The Media is Controlled (1:35)

The new Internet censorship system revealed (50:21)

The news about the news (06:27)

The news media loves billionaires (06:32)

"The Palestinians cheered" hoax (06:56)

The press is not free in the US (12:58)

The price on Julian Assange's head (10:24)

The REAL news industry (44:50)

The toxic world of social media (07:56)

The Trump switcheroo (24:59)

The truth about Saudi Arabia and the news media (14:23)

The truth about war reporting (05:52)

The US media loves war (16:55)

The US news media and war (16:49)

"They hate us for our freedom" (3:10)

They're censoring EVERYTHING (07:58)

"They've always been lazy" (10:38 )

Too fragile for the truth? (02:51)

UK admits source of nerve agent used in attack unknown (06:00)

Unraveling Sandy Hook (1:32:13)

Using language to deceive (3:56)

Venezuela - The News Media is lying (15:59)

War Industry Vs. Jobs (3:08)

What else would you expect from professional liars? (07:50)

What the Epstein case reveals (49:03)

What's going on in North Dakota? (44:19)

What's really happening in France (04:19)

When reporters become trolls (01:10:26)

Where are all the subscribers going? (00:54)

Where stupidity glorified and crooks run free (1:46:07)

Whining from the mainstream media (20:23)

Who spews the most propagada (24:35)

Who's Really Behind the War in Syria? (50:09)

Why America is the greatest country in the world... (4:48)

Why the news media - on both sides - loves Trump (05:48)

Why war? (11:33)

"You can always trust the CIA" (06:46)

"Your thoughts are not your own" (47:32)

YouTube and the news (09:13)

YouTube troll revealed (16:55)

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