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The Russian military's statement on Ukraine crash


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Life is logistics


Fact of life: Russians are piss poor propagandists. They never really got the hang of it.

The US, on the other hand, are masters of bullshit.

OK, here's the logistical reality:

1. The missile was not shot from a shoulder held device. It required a serious (if portable by truck) missile battery.

2. The Russian military says - and it makes sense - they did not give such equipment to the rebels. Why would they?

3. The Ukrainians DID have SAM equipment in the area where the shoot down took place. After all, it was within their national territory

4. Would it make sense for the Russian military to bring a system like this onto Ukrainian territory in the middle of a dispute they are trying to not be directly involved in? What would be the purpose?

5. If they did, why would they shoot down any planes flying at this altitude? Surely they knew commercial air traffic was flying in the space. What would be the tactical purpose? Surely they'd be aware of the negative ramifications of hitting the wrong plane.

6. The NSA has satellites all over this territory. They didn't capture any images? Really? What are we paying these sh*heads for then?

7. If John Kerry and the New York Times say something in a headline, odds are overwhelming that it's bullshit.

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