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The Boston-ization of Paris

The Boston "story"
and the truths that emerged later


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Is this Boston or Paris?


Let's get this straight...

Two master criminals commit a high profile crime in broad daylight...

Under the watchful eyes of security forces...

Get away scott-free and are on the lamb...

And decide their next best step is to rob a gas station so that the police can get a bead on their location...

Meanwhile, anti-terror forces go house to house and "step up" unlawful, I mean random, searches.

There's no coherent motive stated for the crime they've committed other than that "crazy" religion anti-terrorist experts love to hate.

Are we talking about the Paris?

No the Boston bombing.

Before you assume that anything about the Paris shooting is true and accurate, it might be worth six minutes to review the deluge of lies and bullshit the media spread about the Boston bombing.

Oh, we're predicting on 1/8, 4:30 PM that the two suspects will be killed in a shoot out maybe in a barn or in thick woods.

About the convenient" timing of the Paris operation:

1. French president had lowest ratings of any president since measurements started being made

2. Obama administration witch hunt against journalists was creating widespread outrage this week (see James Risen case)

3. French don't like Homeland Security-type bullshit and need to be brought into line

4. The Oil Warriors always need a reason to create fear and hatred of Moslems.

Recap of the Boston story

We've run several videos on this.

Some of them are long and take a while to digest.

Here's six minutes that highlight the extraordinary irregularities surrounding this case.

These are the facts of the case:

1. It's now admitted (June 2013) that there was a police bomb training at the EXACT time and location where the "bombs" when off

2. The captured brother was videotaped carrying a WHITE, not a black one

3. An eye witness reported that the killed brother was hit by a police car and then shot - he was not run over by his fleeing brother

4. The captured brother was photographed functional and non-bloody when he surrendered. He went to the hospital on a gurney, covered in blood with a wound to his throat so serious he was put in intensive care

5. One of the friends of the accused - who was unarmed and on crutches - was shot by an FBI agent SEVEN times during an interview and this murder is still unexplained. The original report said he attached the agent with a samurai sword. A lie.

If you still think Boston was real, watch this: The story of the Boston "hero"

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