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Hero? Really?

Who are you going to believe?
The newscasters (and cop) or your own eyes?


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Here's what the video actually shows


This woman was trying to go somewhere and was being unsuccessfully restrained by a TSA agent.

She was clearly holding a piece of paper in one hand. The video does not show her striking or attacking anyone.

The level of force used by this police officer was beyond excessive. This wasn't just a "takedown" or even a "body slam." He clearly wrenched her neck and slammed her head into the concrete floor with maximum force. It looks like he also gave her two quick shots to back of the head immediately after she was down. No comment from the news morons on the extent of her injuries which were probably severe (a serious concussion at least.)

Note that his first reflexive act after assaulting this woman savagely was to hold his hand up, erroneously thinking in his adrenalized state that he could block the security camera from seeing the assault. (He might even have previous experience signaling to security camera operators in the jail he delivers prisoners to to shift, turn off, or even erase footage of other savage attacks he's made on people.)

Then he proceeds to lie like a pro about what actually happened.

Was this woman creating a disturbance? It sure looks like it.

Was what she was doing grounds for this savage attack? No way.

Far from being a "hero," this cop is a thug and a liar. But note well: He's well supported in his criminality by the local news media and the TSA.

Watch his shifting, blinking eyes as he tells his "story" to the news media. Two things you can expect from police in the US: savage violence when they think they can get away with it and well polished lying skills (Do they give them a course on that?)

Also note that in his "story" he says he "heard" skin-on-skin contact and this justified his attack. He SAW no attack because either there was none or, based on where he was, down a hallway, he would not have been able to see an attack had there been one.

You know there are other cameras that saw more and these lying sacks of shit (the TSA, the cops, the newscasters) won't be showing those angles.

Note to the newscaster morons in Hawaii: This was not a UFC cage match. It was supposed to be a law enforcement action which does not permit unlimited, unrestrained use of force no matter how obnoxious the offending party is.

Here's the bullshit news report from the local news:

There's no such thing as an off-duty cop. At least if it's Justin Rogers, there's not.

The police corporal from Pinole, California, was just capping off a family vacation in Hawaii. He was going through security at the Honolulu airport last Saturday, when he felt compelled to spring into action to stop a rowdy security breach.

He had just taken his shoes off to go through the body scanner when he heard a "loud crash" off to his side, he told CNN affiliate KTVU.

"When I turned around, I saw a woman with her arms flailing, screaming at this TSA agent." He turned back around, thinking security officers would handle the ruckus.

They didn't at first.

The disturbance turned into fisticuffs, TSA surveillance camera video revealed. The woman, who was trying to force her way through the security section for flight personnel, lit into the female TSA agent who was blocking her path.

"The next thing I know, I heard what I thought was skin to skin contact, like somebody getting punched," Rogers said. "Sure enough, she was punching her."

Time for action

He saw that the agent's colleagues were far away from her, so he thought he'd better help out.

He bounded over a waist-high security barrier and with a quick swoop and a professional takedown separated the assailant from the agent and immobilized her on the floor.

Other TSA agents came running.

In comfy shorts, T-shirt and ankle socks, Rogers didn't look much like an officer of the law. "I was in relaxed mode." His wallet and presumably his ID had already gone through the X-ray machine.

But his immobilization posture over the suspect looked professional, and he quickly told agents who he was.

"I held up my hand and said, 'I'm a police officer; I'm a police officer,' because I was worried maybe they'd think I was assaulting somebody."

They believed him.

An airport policeman pulled out a pair of cuffs, and Rogers helped him secure the suspect's wrists. She was arrested and charged with assault, CNN affiliate Hawaii News Now reported. She was homeless and had been wandering the airport.

"That was pretty much the end of story," Rogers said.

TSA and the assaulted agent thanked him.

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