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CIA/Cheney/Fox: Torture? What torture?

Wants to see torture reports classified
and Americans in the dark


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Should the world know?


Megyn Kelly, Fox News host, doesn't want to see reports on the use of torture by the Bush Administration go live.

Her reasoning is that it will endanger Americans when people see what the reports contain.

Should, we as Americans, however, know what has been "done in their name" Judge Napolitano, Kelly's guest, says on the show.

Watch the debate and decide for yourself - but you can probably guess our opinion.

I guess when you're a draft dodger like Bush and Cheney and every "war hawk" in Congress and in the news media, the idea that there are rules of warfare - no torture of prisoners - is brand new information.

We're not proposing anything, but wouldn't this make an interesting movies script? Former president, VP, National Security Advisor, Secretary of Defense, and CIA heads captured by the enemy and water boarded, sleep deprived and "re-hydrated."

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