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Spreading the truth before the Internet

A case study from Fascist Italy


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George Seldes: "Tell the Truth and Run"


This film excerpt was from the 1996 Academy-Award-nominated documentary feature film by Rick Goldsmith,Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes and the American Press. .

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How did people get the real news before the Internet?

A case study from Fascist Italy.

In Italy, people printed up the evidence of government crimes and distributed them surreptitiously.

When Seldes was in Italy, he stumbled on this practice and used the covert news to break the story of the government's assassination of a critic.

Notice how fellow reporters counseled Seldes to "go along to get along."

It was the Associated Press and New York Times who were the most enthusiastic about the fascists.

By the way, Mussolini was very popular among US elite. Next time you go to New York City, go to Rockefeller Center. Take a good look at the face of the statue of Atlas holding up the world. It's Mussolini - or at least protesters of the time thought so.

What's undeniable is that the Rockefeller devoted a prime spot right on Fifth Avenue for "Italia". The big engraving still appears on the building. At the time they built it the fascist were running Italy and the Rockfellers we massive fans.

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