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Unraveling Sandy Hook

It starts VERY slow - Fast forward to 7 minutes


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From Sofia Smallstorm's research


Unfortunately, this outstanding video starts out VERY slowly with an overly obscure opening.

Since it's impossible to hear the narration at the beginning (apparently by design of the film maker), here's what you missed.

There is NO WAY the Sandy Hook (Newtown) shooting happened the way it was portrayed by the news media.

What exactly happened is not clear, but it's clear that the story that one, small, untrained poorly physically developed young man suddenly became a ninja warrior able to wield over 40 pounds of gear and numerous lethal weapons skillfully in a Rambo-like fashion absolutely did not happen.

Smallstorm collects a mountain of evidence that points to a coordinated effort to stage an "event" and use it to manipulate the public.

If it looks like a rat and smell like a rat, it's probably a rat.

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