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Bad news - YouTube is dead

It's a bit whiney - but they're right


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YouTube is screwing everybody


It's not just people with non-authoritarian opinions or health and medical experts who are outside of Big Pharma.

It's everybody. YouTube is screwing everybody.

This is the classic Silicon Valley "bait and switch."

AOL did it.

In the early days, they contracted with dozens of content producers and gave them share of the traffic they generated. Then when the company was profitable, they threw them off the service.

Google did it.

In the early years, they took hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising from small businesses, the only advertisers that would give their AdWords platform a chance. Then when corporate advertisers showed up, they put every imaginable barrier up to them, closing their accounts arbitrarily and undermining thousands of small businesses.

Facebook did it.

They encouraged everyone to sign their friends up to follow them and then restricted people from accessing the very list of people who signed up to follow their Facebook pages.

A year ago...this optimistic documentary heralded the coming of a New Age in which people with ideas could bypass the mass media and attain higher profiles than crap newscasters and network TV hosts.

When this documentary was released just one year ago, it was true, but in just a year's time, it's all been undone.

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