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It was a belt fed machine gun

Why isn't the media showing pictures of the guns?


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None of this adds up


The claim of the number of guns in the room where the shooter supposedly shot himself is escalating almost hourly.

First it was two. Then it was 20.

This is getting ridiculous.

What we know for sure:

1. This was a belt fed machine gun. They are very hard to get and very expensive and require a lot of training and experience to use. They are not "point and shoot" devices.

Look at what's involved in controlling this thing (it's not normally used this way, but this is the clearest video of the mechanism I could find.) Look at what's involved in feeding it.

The idea that a random 60+ year old guy got his hands on one of these and the ammunition needed and lugged it into a hotel and set it up and operated it flawlessly from a 32 story window without any training is crazy.

2. Because of suicide risks, the windows in modern Las Vegas hotels are made of ballistic glass and have sensors built in them in case anyone tries to break them. If the story is true that the shots came from the 32nd floor and the shooter broke the windows to shoot, the sensors would have been triggered and hotel security would have INSTANTLY known which room it was.

3. There appears to have been no security in the hotel during and after the shooting. Under normal circumstances, the entire hotel would have been locked down, a floor to floor search of the entire building conducted and everyone one in it brought out, hands up and searched. Does not appear to ave happened.

4. Where's surveillance footage from inside the hotel? The lobby, the hallways, the elevators etc. It's not even being mentioned.

5. Where are the pictures of the firearms in the room? Here's what police did as soon as they found Oswald's gun.


Finally, here's the reaction of the alleged shooter's brother

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