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A popular chant in Ferguson

"Fuck CNN!" - Live on CNN


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Mr. CNN is not pleased


Anderson Cooper: If he ever goes back to New Orleans, he's likely to be lynched for reasons not to different from why he and his "news" channel are disliked in Ferguson.

CNN is about three things: sensationalism, towing the party line, making money

It has no problem lying, falsifying, misrepresenting, and/or demonizing protest. And they never saw an impending war they didn't love.

No Anderson, they're not playing to the cameras. They mean it. Fuck CNN and all the other garbage news outlets in the US.

Some facts about the Grand Jury:

1. The primary evidence presented was the killer cop's testimony about his own behavior - with no cross examination!

2. Eye witnesses who had anything to say that contradicted the killer cop were ground into the dirt by the prosecutor

3. "Conflicting evidence" is not a reason not to have a public trial. It's the very definition of the reason to have a trial.

What happened in Ferguson post-killing was dirty as hell. There is no other way to cut it.

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