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Major 9/11 US news media fraud

This old file footage completely unrelated to attacks
was shown the morning of 9/11 by Fox, CNN, and NBC
complete with fraudulent ready-to-read scripts


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These 9/11 network news reports
were 100% fraudulent


Major Psy-Op Alert

This is truly bizarre.

Trump and his supporters swear they saw Muslims in the US celebrating 9/11 on the TV news.

Well, it never happened - but something even more shocking did happen that day.

On 9/11, FOX, CNN, and NBC ran FAKE footage purportedly showing Palestinians in Palestine celebrating.

That never happened either. It was old file footage about a completely unrelated story.

It was a major news media fraud, run after the towers had only just collapsed.

The BIG unanswered questions are:

1. WHO put this well-prepared-in-advance fraudulent "news" story on the air?

2. How did ALL the network news shows get the fake footage and the elaborate - and fraudulent - scripts to accompany them simultaneously?

3. Why is Brasscheck TV the ONLY news outlet to remember this and report it now in the context of Trump's highly publicized memory?

The significance of all this becomes much clearer if you visualize how this happened:

You have THREE completely separate news studios...

There was total chaos and no one knew what is going on...

...But ONE entity was able to slip old and completely unrelated footage with a fully scripted - and completely fraudulent - news account into these "inner sanctums" of the corporate news media.

Who could just show up at the doors of Fox, CNN, and NBC and tell them: "Hey, run this"

Some common sense facts:

1. Whoever selected the footage for airing KNEW that it was old archival footage and not news footage related to 9/11. They had to go to a news archive to find it.

2. The scripts were already written in conjunction with the fraudulent footage and ready to be read

3. In each case, the news director (the boss of the news room), gave the order to run the video and have their news reader airheads read the scripts.

Who has that kind of power?

What entity is embedded in THREE different news network control rooms and has the power to compel three different news directors to run a fraudulent news story?

Note the tone and language of the scripts...

Does the language sound familiar? Who wrote these things?

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