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14 year old knocks out TV news liars

Kevin O'Leary: Mindless shill for GMOs


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She wants more testing and mandatory labeling


News media fraud at its best...

Two TV front men for GMO foods argue with this young lady's desire to know what's in her food, doing their best to try to trip her up.

"I'm not against science. I'm into ethical science." - but that's not good enough for these two.

Kevin O'Leary is a total fraud.

He brings up the bullshit "golden rice" story that has been disproven countless times as THE sole evidence that genetically modifying organisms is "good."

All this young lady wants is real testing and mandatory labeling and these two idiots can't see the common sense in that.

I wonder how much these sleaze bags get paid for peddling this totally bullshit .

You're the shill Kevin O'Leary.

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