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Health and Medical:


2.1 Kids: Stable Population (2:12)

An alternative look at cancer (1:20:13)

Another Big Pharma drugged up killer? (5:26)

Another reason not to get the "flu shot" (4:59)

Antidepressants and School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction. (7:58)

Back Pain: Causes and cures (1:36:16)

Best use of an army yet! (1:11)

Better health care - in Mexico? (3:05)

Big Pharma is in control (2:13)

Big Pharma Uber Alles (11:36)

Billionaire Bill shills for global warming (3:01)

Cancer as a Fungus (20:00)

Cancer is a Fungus (9:41)

Childhood Under Siege (27:03)

Corporate chemical warfare (4:18)

Diabolical medical experiments funded by US (16:26)

Disgusting vaccine push (2:08)

Do you want a chip with that? (1:00)

Drugging America into a stupor (1:34:43)

Ebola outbreak declared unavoidable - 2 months ago (5:57)

Ebola USA (1:25)

Ebola: A Black Swan event (22:19)

Heal Yourself? (10:00)

How the medical monster came to be (6:11)

I have seen the future of medicine - and it's scary (3:30)

Impoverishing our future (5:37)

Juicing Raw Cannabis (15:00)

Juicing Raw Cannabis: The Science Behind It (21:01)

Latest vaccination propaganda push (1:51)

Lying Scientists (2:17)

"Mercury is good for you!" (0:39)

Monsanto practically a government agency (9:29)

Not all sermons are given on Sunday (27:32)

ObamaCare contractor accused of criminal behavior (2:50)

Pentagon hopes for a pill to erase memories (9:00)

Pfizer makes customers guinea pigs - again (3:10)

Pink is the new green (3:37)

Prescription for Tragedy (5:34)

Prescription marketers: America's new drug pushers (17:13)

Robber barron medicine (44:08)

Silent Epidemic (14:11)

Slow Death by Root Canal (7:09)

The Best Diet (9:01)

The Business of Baby (6:01)

The Corporate America Diet (10:33)

The death of Robin Williams (8:49)

The deep science of medical cannabis (1:15:25)

The Depression Industry (12:19)

The invisible poison in your pocket (52:59)

The Military-Medical Complex (10:00)

The new US health care program (1:42)

The system that is poisoning America (30:00)

UK stops all smart meter installations (8:43)

VA hospitals out of control (4:09)

"We'll find out what's in it after we pass it" (2:12)

Weird video, important message (9:17)

What killed Steve Jobs? (3:10)

What Obama Care is really all about (13:55)

Why did this 12-year-old girl commit suicide? (5:54)

Would you like chips with that? (3:26)

You are being deprived (11:53)

You will be jailed . . . (1:30)

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