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Health and Medical:


2.1 Kids: Stable Population (2:12)

3 things you MUST know about the coronavirus (09:01)

93% of Americans have Bisphenol-A in their blood and urine (11:31)

A hidden poison in your food (01:01:25)

A neurosurgeon looks at fluoride and many other things (41:41)

A possible antidote to glyphosate ( 32:19)

A secret portal to health (58:35)

A silent epidemic (08:11)

A slow motion plague (49:53)

A true miracle cure (05:34)

A visit with Dr. Darren Schmidt (56:02)

Air pollution and the mental health of children (09:20)

All about toxicity and detoxification (37:46)

Alternative Health Under Attack (01:21:41)

Alzheimer's disease, statin drugs, and the new FDA warning (9:06)

America's first monopoly (24:57)

America's Nuclear Time Bombs (3:37)

America's sick health care system (26:21)

An alternative look at cancer (1:20:13)

An MD tells the truth about vaccines (11:27)

Anatomy of a smear (23:24)

Another Big Pharma drugged up killer? (5:26)

Another reason not to get the "flu shot" (4:59)

Another visit with an honest doctor (02:30)

Antidepressants and School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction. (7:58)

Aspartame (10:57)

Aspartame: GMO bacteria excretions causing blindness (11:45)

Back Pain: Causes and cures (1:36:16)

Basic facts about the corona virus (05:36)

Best use of an army yet! (1:11)

Better health care - in Mexico? (3:05)

Big Pharma is in control (2:13)

Big Pharma Uber Alles (11:36)

Big Pharma, the CDC and the vaccination disaster (03:32)

Billionaire Bill shills for global warming (3:01)

Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Warfare (47:24)

BPA: Death by Plastic (8:09)

Breaking down the "Measles Epidemic" scam (36:15)

Can autism be cured? (1:08:10)

Cancer as a Fungus (20:00)

Cancer is a Fungus (9:41)

CDC recommends HPV vaccine for boys, but will it be mandatory? (1:37)

Chemotherapy - It's good for whom? (39:50)

Chemtrails = Coal ash+aluminium (13:16)

Child Protective Services made her a zombie (7:02)

Child Protective Services is destroying lives and families (9:48)

Childhood Under Siege (27:03)

China: Food giant? (08:51)

Coal ash: The source of chemtrails? (12:32)

Cocaine vaccine uses mutated cholera bacteria (7:15)

Coming soon: The Obamacare train wreck (2:01)

Confronting the silent epidemic (50:56)

Congress declares pizza is a vegetable (2:55)

Controversy in health (08:02)

Coronavirus explained in 10 minutes (13:00)

Corporate chemical warfare (4:18)

"CoVid-19 is a once is a century evidence fiasco" (01:02:46)

Creating an epidemic (5:00)

Dangerous Detergents (31:13)

Death in a bottle (7:22)

Deliberate official ignorance about the virus (40:07)

DeNiro speaks out about vaccines (06:31)

Diabolical medical experiments funded by US (16:26)

Dirty meat, big profits (04:08)

Disgusting vaccine push (2:08)

Do you want a chip with that? (1:00)

Doctors took hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes (12:36)

Don't heat (smoke) cannabis (14:59)

Down the anthrax rabbit hole (20:00)

Drink lots of water? (04:54)

Drugging America into a stupor (1:34:43)

E-Cigs: The latest scam (04:24)

Ebola outbreak declared unavoidable - 2 months ago (5:57)

Ebola USA (1:25)

Ebola: A Black Swan event (22:19)

Environmental medicine explained (23:33)

EPA tacitly admits fluoride is IQ reducing contaminant (12:12)

Epic medical negligence by US medical system (46:49)

Essential viewing for your health (01:06:41)

Exercise is better than you think... (15:14)

Exposing the exploitation of Medicare (7:51)

Finally, a US medical conference on EMF exposure (20:41)

Flint still doesn't have drinkable water (09:06)

Food, Inc. (03:31)

Food: There's Lots Of It (1:50)

Forbidden medicine (57:01)

Fraud and heart surgery (32:37)

G5 and coronavirus (57:00)

Gardasil: chemical weapon of the elite (14:32)

Geoengineering explained by G. Edward Griffin (4:57)

Good news - strangely censored (20:59)

Good science shot down (11:55)

Government attacks family with autistic children (14:58)

Ground water contamination may be cause of Le Roy mystery illness (8:35)

Heal Yourself? (10:00)

Healing our sick culture (30:00)

Healing the Hive (41:18)

Health Care Reform Will Not Be Televised (3:22)

Healthy living with hydrogen peroxide (07:59)

Historic Meeting on health and the environment (1:18:35)

Honest doctors telling the truth (19:01)

Honest Medicine (13:06)

How electromagnetic pollution creates illness (46:45)

How flus work and how to prevent them (14:03)

How the medical monster came to be (6:11)

How to get GMOs out of your diet (15:02)

How to read food labels (08:05)

How toxic is sugar? (13:40)

How US left the door open to coronavirus (04:13)

How we got US health care (02:31)

I have seen the future of medicine - and it's scary (3:30)

If you're diagnosed with cancer... (39:10)

Impoverishing our future (5:37)

Intelligent Disobedience (03:44)

Intensive care, intensive spread (03:47)

Is Alcoholism severe form of food allergy? (50:26)

Is Hillary fit? (02:41)

Is the body a machine? (12:32)

Is there an ideal diet? (06:29)

Is your house making you sick? (27:31)

Juicing Raw Cannabis (15:00)

Juicing Raw Cannabis: The Science Behind It (21:01)

LA County bans Roundup (12:39)

Latest vaccination propaganda push (1:51)

Lead in the drinking water (09:00)

Let's get real about colds and flu (1:02:22)

Lung cancer - and still alive 38 years later (01:06:40)

Lying Scientists (2:17)

Making masks (17:21)

Mammogram scam (09:10)

Measles - before the insanity ( 8:11)

Medical groups get kickbacks for pushing vaccines (15:07)

Medicine, censorship and solutions (02:55)

Medicines that kill (04:54)

Mefloquine, the military's own zombie potion (13:15)

Merck, the military, and germ warfare on college campuses (9:35)

Mercury and autism (21:14)

Mercury Found in Corn Syrup (10:00)

"Mercury is good for you!" (0:39)

Mobile phone and wireless radiation (01:01:29)

Monsanto practically a government agency (9:29)

Monsanto's Roundup is Glyphosate (09:25)

Monsanto: So many scandals, just one company (8:12)

More unreported clues to CoVid-19 transmission (6:35)

Most doctors are totally useless (45:48)

Nazi-like experiments on children in US (26:37)

NEW - Introducing functional medicine ( 33:42)

Not all sermons are given on Sunday (27:32)

Nuclear leak 38 miles north of NYC (09:16)

Nutrition, alcoholism and addictions (13:36)

ObamaCare contractor accused of criminal behavior (2:50)

Overpopulation: The Making of a Myth (1:32)

Pandemic News (25:14)

Papa Bush and Medical Genocide (4:00)

Pentagon hopes for a pill to erase memories (9:00)

Pentagon to play mind games with soldiers (8:59)

Pfizer makes customers guinea pigs - again (3:10)

Population Explosion -- or Implosion? (1:14:42)

Prescription for Tragedy (5:34)

Prescription marketers: America's new drug pushers (17:13)

President's healthcare law creates $17 trillion in unfunded financial obligations (3:58)

Prince and chemtrails (08:18)

Processed People (3:16)

Psychiatric drug use spreads despite increased knowledge of risks (10:53)

Pushing drugs (8:29)

Questioning Chemotherapy (22:29)

Rabies vaccine to be dropped from the air (6:41)

Racketeering in Medicine (15:43)

Radiation emitted by full-body scanners used at U.S. airports (11:08)

Raw Milk Freedom Riders (5:00)

Real pandemic, media manufactured hysteria (01:01:39)

Reminder - Cell phones are dangerous (03:41)

Reversing chronic disease (49:53)

Reversing serious diseases - with food (38:59)

Robber barron medicine (44:08)

Rolling a health rock up a hill (05:29)

Safe, simple, healthy fasting (05:21)

Salmon is not a healthy food (54:27)

School Lunch Program=Garbage Disposal System (2:11)

School lunches (02:11)

"Scientists Resume Efforts To Create Deadly Flu Virus, With US Government's Blessing" (7:52)

Shutting down 60% of the economy (44:27)

Slow Death by Root Canal (7:09)

So-called authorities raid organic farm picnic event (4:38)

Soap - Why and how to (3:44)

Special Report - We are making a very bad situation worse (39:12)

Speculation on the origins of the Coronavirus (01:53)

Stop eating soy bean oil now (01:05:42)

Straight talk about CBD (12:23)

Suppression of cures (15:56)

Systemic medical malpractice (53:05)

Tainted eggs the product of factory farms (2:13)

Talcum powder - a major health risk (12:47)

Techno-Fascism (26:53)

The AIDS industry (07:53)

The anti-depressants scam (04:55)

The assault on the brains of children (55:26)

The Best Diet (9:01)

The Business of Baby (6:01)

The Coronovirus (12:44)

The Corporate America Diet (10:33)

The corruption of medicine described (12:50)

The Cure to Obesity is Prevention, not Surgery (08:00)

The cut, burn, and drug school of medicine (2:37)

The Dangers of Fluoride in Water (11:00)

The dark side of the all American meal (01:06:51)

The dark truth about psych drugs (09:17)

The death of Robin Williams (8:49)

The Depression Industry (12:19)

The Drug Mafia (4:52)

The effect of glyphosate in rural areas (23:18)

The Febreze scam (07:47)

The fraud of Obamacare (08:49)

"The Great Culling" (9:45)

The greatest evil? (7:19)

The healing power of simple fasting (16:44)

The healing power of sleep (14:05)

The healing power of Sound (01:10:22)

The health care crisis - solved (30:34)

The hidden source of illness (34:32)

The implementation of population control programs in other nations (14:16)

The implementation of population control programs in China (17:30)

The invisible poison in your pocket (52:59)

The mercury amalgam conspiracy (8:27)

The Military-Medical Complex (10:00)

The monster that ate America (25:46)

The much-neglected source of human life (36:47)

The Nazification of Medicine (10:56)

The neurological damage epidemic (36:24)

The new US health care program (1:42)

The Obamacare disaster is here (02:58)

The original monopoly (01:07:21)

The power of the gut (20:30)

The Psychology of Human Misjudgement (14:42)

The real reason people hate Obamacare (07:48)

The reality of medicine in China (42:53)

The right way to use gloves, masks and goggles (24:46)

The roots of the epidemic of modern diseases (01:05:41)

The scams of the medical industrial complex (34:43)

The scariest 'mind control' drug in the world (35:44)

The science, the hysteria and the End Game (01:05:48)

The second brain (14:10)

The so-called "standard of care" (04:37)

The source of the Lyme epidemic (17:55)

The story of Maryanne Godboldo and her fight against the Therapeutic State (10:41)

The stupid cruelty of cannabis laws (09:26)

The super toxic secret in cigarettes (07:02)

The transgender medical mafia (07:45)

The truth about cancer research (02:30:07)

The truth about Lasik surgery (18:13)

The truth about Teflon (09:50)

The truth about the "Eskimo Diet" (13:44)

The UN tells Haiti: "Tough luck" (2:28)

The unreported melamine story (Various)

The vaccine scam (07:01)

The war against the weak: Eugenics in America (10:01)

The World According (01:48:58)

Things don't go better with Coke (02:21)

Third World conditions in post-flood New York (2:42)

Time for insulation (02:28)

Toxic building materials (01:07:50)

Toxic cleaning products (05:44)

Toxic load and other predisposition to disease (39:12)

"Toxic Sludge is Good for You" (01:09:32)

Toxins in everyday products (13:09)

Toxins right under your nose (14:21)

Truly magic mushrooms (00:00)

UK stops all smart meter installations (8:43)

Unethical medical testing on children (01:02:03)

US medical care is a monopoly based on fraud (44:07)

VA hospitals out of control (4:09)

Vaccine exemptions attacked (3:25)

Vaccines as the source of AIDS? (09:46)

Vitamin D (11:18)

"We'll find out what's in it after we pass it" (2:12)

Weird video, important message (9:17)

What in the World Are They Spraying? (1:37:45)

What is REALLY in your hamburger (2:58)

What killed Steve Jobs? (3:10)

What no one teaches you about health (01:00:49)

What Obama Care is really all about (13:55)

What terrorism reporting does to your brain (07:39)

What you need to know about cardiologists (04:25)

What's up with Zika? (07:09)

What's wrong with American medicine? (43:34)

When healing becomes a crime (21:14)

Who created Lyme disease (03:20)

Who owns the Zika virus? (05:01)

Why are we ignoring the Chinese doctors? (8:16)

Why did this 12-year-old girl commit suicide? (5:54)

Why doctors are more dangerous than guns (5:57)

Why Facebook is so toxic (04:43)

Why Glyphostate is so toxic (36:45)

Why processed food is do dangerous (12:16)

Why this veteran oncology nurse quit (48:21)

Why US health care is such a disaster (08:47)

Why weed, why now? (15:06)

WIFI disaster in Canadian public school (18:38)

Would you like chips with that? (3:26)

You are being deprived (11:53)

You have a RIGHT to know what is in your food (1:36)

You run on melatonin (52:04)

You will be jailed . . . (1:30)

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