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Creating an epidemic

Program length - 5:00


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AIDS and Population Control


From the beginning, the oil and mining cartel, controlled by the Rockefeller family and its allies knew they had a problem:

Vast mineral deposits, including gas and oil deposits, that they wanted to control were sitting on other people's land.

Friendly dictators were easy to handle, but unfortunately for the Rockefellers, Native Americans and sovereign African states with then-largely intact social structures controlled massive deposits.

The Rockefellers and their agents took a very pragmatic approach to the problem: eliminate the people in question.

Since above board genocidal military operations were out of the question, they created a new method: using taxpayer dollars and "health, education and welfare" programs to undermine the target populations.

One such program involved removing children from the Native American parents and educating them in government controlled boarding schools. There they were punished for speaking their native languages and cut off from any education the would support their sense of sovereignty.

George Bush Sr. took things a step further and in the 1970s used HEW to engage in a massive forced sterilization campaign of Native American women.

Nelson Rockefeller was instrumental in creating HEW (the Department and Health, Education and Welfare) as a cabinet level post.

It's now known that HEW laundered hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the CIA and other agencies to engage in covert mind control experiments. These involved using indigents and other marginal people as lab rats to test various drugs, surgical procedures, behavioral modification and brainwashing methods, sometimes with fatal results.

Dark, dark stuff to say the least.

Is it beyond the realm of possibility that this same group, which was so keen to eliminate certain target populations by covert means, would experiment with creating diseases that could kill whole populations?

Just because no normal person would engage in such activities doesn't mean it hasn't been done.

Check the evidence for yourself:


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