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Heal Yourself?

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It's starting in Canada


After 10,000 plus years of safe, effective, affordable botanical medicine, the federal governments of various countries have decided that enough is enough.

With the "encouragement" of the white collar criminals in the pharmaceutical industry, the white collar criminals in government are drafting new laws to "protect" the Canadian public from herbs and food supplements.

Herbs will be put in the same class and regulated the same way as pharmaceutical products. Estimates are this will result in 70% of currently available natural health products removed from the market.

And your backyard garden?

You may not be permitted to grow herbs for medicinal use any more. Too dangerous without government regulation to protect you, don't you know.

Impossible you say?

DuPont and others succeeded in turning a plant that provided an essential industrial raw material - hemp - into an outlaw in order to eliminate it as competition for its own products. The drug companies can do it to mint and camomile too.

This plant has already been outlawed

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