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Back Pain: Causes and cures

The censored work of Hans Kraus MD


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Why isn't this man's work better known?


President Eisenhower invited Kraus to present his work at the White House. He wanted Kraus' work taught in schools.

The Kennedy White House invited him to come in and diagnose and treat President Kennedy who was disabled by decades of severe back pain. Within two years, "incurable" Kennedy was pain-free and was playing golf.

Kraus' treatment: simple tests of muscle strength and flexibility followed by specific exercises to fix problems. No drugs and no surgery in spite of the fact that Kraus was trained as an orthopedic surgeon.

In addition to US presidents, Kraus was sought out by professional athletes and movie stars like Greta Garbo and Katherine Hepburn.

In spite of this, Kraus' work was rejected by medical and educational "professionals."

In the 1950s, he was even accused of being Un-American for pointing out the then-obvious degeneration of the state of health of America's young people.

Like many of the professional thugs in the US who put their personal interests above the interests of the people they're supposed to serve, the gym teachers found Kraus and his clinically verified work to be an irritant.

You can read more about Kraus in the book "JFK's Secret Doctor."

Chapter 30 details how the gym teachers union, which goes by the fancy name of American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, ran an elaborate campaign to paint Kraus - a refugee from Nazi Austria - as a Nazi for suggesting that instead of running softball and dodge ball games, gym teachers should learn how to teach children how to exercise properly.

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