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Third World conditions in post-flood New York

Total media black out


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Do-nothing government in the highest taxed state in the Union


New York State is really two states: New York City dominated by Wall Street and “Upstate” which is a combination of struggling post-industrial cities and some of the most beautiful countryside in the country if not the world.

A few months ago, historically unprecedented catastrophic rains fell in the Catskills and other mountain-valley regions in the state.

Whole towns and villages were washed away and thousands lost their homes and possessions. (The same happened in parts of Vermont and other states.)

After a few photo ops, Gov. Andrew Cuomo - the guy who ran HUD when the mortgage scam first took root and let Wall Street off the hook when he was New York State Attorney General - has gone missing in action.

Winter comes early to the Catskills and many are still lacking basic necessities: warm clothes, cleaning supplies, tools for rebuilding, food.

Real local community leaders are doing their best to pick up the slack, but the government, to which they've paid some of the highest taxes in the US if not on the planet, is nowhere to be seen.

Welcome to Third World USA.

Helping Hands of New York Food Pantry

The food pantry featured in this video lost everything in the flood: Its truck, its delivery van, its refrigerated container, numerous tools and equipment, its office and everything in it

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