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Prescription for Tragedy

From TheWaronKids.com


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Can it be any more diabolical?


The "Zero Tolerance" program creates standards for kids and teens that not even adults are required to adhere to.

Public school have been turned into prisons with armed police, illegal search and seizure, abusive teachers and administrators and intrusive video surveillance.

Schools harass and intimidate families into putting their children on dangerous and damaging drugs - while these drugs are well known to create disabilities including erratic, self-destructive and even homicidal behavior in children and teens.

It's a sick system through and through and billions of your tax dollars go into an operation run by teachers, school administrators, "mental health workers", cops, judges, doctors and other professional miscreants who "go along to get along" while lining their own pockets every step of the way.

It's the triumph of stupidity, ignorance, greed and cowardice - and this is the US system of education.

Indoctrinated by a corrupt and clueless news media, families worry about random and very rare episodes of violence. Much of it manufactured by the system itself. Meanwhile their own children are brutalized emotionally, verbally, psychologically and sometimes physically by an INDUSTRY staffed by mental, emotional and ethical midgets.


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There's a well organized war AGAINST them. We better
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It starts with information.

For more info, go to: The War on Kids

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