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The mercury amalgam conspiracy

Program length - 8:27


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A classic conspiracy - broken


The FDA has finally been forced by lawsuits and a court order to admit the obvious:

It's hazardous to put mercury in people's mouths.

People often wonder about "conspiracies."

"How is it possible," they ask "for big secrets to be kept for years? How can that many people keep a secret for that long?"

Mercury fillings is a classic example of how conspiracies work.

For years, using mercury in tooth fillings was illegal. Then World War II came along and the US government needed to bring tens of thousands of GIs up to dental "health" fast.

The multi-decade ban on mercury amalgams was lifted - and never restored.

Not only was the ban not restored, but the use of mercury in fillings was pushed and pushed hard. This is spite of the fact that mercury is a very dangerous toxin and dentists must apply strict controls on mercury in their possession.

Conspiracy 101: Buy off the media (and profession) and threaten the dissenters

Dentists who had concerns about the use of mercury were warned by the American Dental Association not to discuss them with patients. In some cases, outspoken dentists were threatened overtly with lawsuits and professional censure.

That's how a multi-decade conspiracy was maintained. Now finally, some small, but public cracks are finally in the official story.

From claiming that mercury was "no problem at all," the FDA was forced by court order to publish this statement recently:

"Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetus."

Moms Against Mercury (MomsAgainstMercury.org) and others filed the lawsuit against the FDA.

Yes, that's what it takes a lawsuit to get the Food and Drug Administration to post plain vanilla truth about a dangerous substance on their web site.

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