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Government corruption:


$21 trillion missing from the federal buget ( 33:32)

'Black Bloc' protesters serve the elite 1% (13:26)

'Terrorism Hoax' ? (8:39)

1.6 Billion rounds plus 2,700 hundred of these (2:45)

100 years of a fraudulent tax system (27:39)

25 craziest things the U.S. government spends money on (6:05)

75% of Americans wake up (5:02)

A clear eyed view of why are where we are (04:00)

A friendly message from the Department of Veterans Affairs (2:00)

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" (46:58)

A gay cannibal patsy for drug cartel murder (pt. 1) (4:26)

A gay cannibal patsy for drug cartel murder (pt. 2) (3:17)

A new twist on prison cruelty (14:55)

A sinister infrastructure project (56:25)

A symphony of corruption (58:13)

A tiny house solutions to homelessness - sabotaged (14:03)

A window into the world of espionage and murder (6:15)

About Michelle Obama (06:58)

Agenda 21 For Dummies (9:32)

Airlift now (18:08)

Alex Jones sums up the history of geopolitics and The New World Order (14:39)

"All governments would like to be totalitarian" (08:01)

All war, all the time (27:26)

America's sick health care system (26:21)

Americans abandoned (17:57)

"Americans too stupid to understand it" (0:56)

An alternative to the Common Core Scam (17:34)

Army misplaced $6 trillion (02:23)

Arrest Rove now! (10:00)

Asa Hutchinson: Federal cover up artist for Mena Guns, drugs, and money laundering (10:03)

Ask not for whom the bell tolls (9:30)

Authorities kill farm pigs in Michigan (7:09)

Bakers Green Acres vs. Michigan Department of Natural Resources (7:19)

Billions spent destroying and rebuilding elsewhere as the infrastructure crumbles here at home (5:00)

Binders Full of Flim Flam (10:01)

Bizareness in the White House (05:40)

Bloomberg: "Let them eat kale" (1:48)

Blowing America's Mind (41:22)

Blowing the whistle on CIA involvement in drug dealing (5:31)

Breaking news: Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years (8:27)

Case against Bundy family dropped (01:08)

Challenge climate change, lose your career (11:39)

Cheesy Movie Night: "Capricorn One" (1:58:30)

CIA outsources harsh interrogations to its allies (8:27)

CIA's Porter Goss and the 9/11 cover up (14:56)

CIA/Cheney/Fox: Torture? What torture? (8:28)

City bullies man to death over his backyard chickens (22:42)

Clinton more corrupt than you can imagine (16:27)

Coming soon: The Obamacare train wreck (2:01)

Congress allows 30,000 drones to spy on Americans (8:23)

Congressional corruption detailed (39:19)

Congressman Larry McDonald (17:41)

Continuity: The Bush and Obama administrations (14:01)

Coping with the aftermath (11/7/12) (3:44)

Corporate chemical warfare (4:18)

Corporate Personhood (8:18)

Corrupt pols and whistle blowers (5:01)

Corrupt states collapse when consent is withdrawn (6:49)

Corruption as a business model (14:42)

"Create a New World Order" (0:27)

Criminal treason at the BATF (6:23)

Crisis creation: 1981 style (13:10)

"Dakota" means friend (04:29)

Decoding the Common Core Curriculum scam (5:21)

Democratic party delusions (26:55)

Diabolical medical experiments funded by US (16:26)

Did it really happen? (15:46)

Dismantling the Post Office (4:38)

Documentary: It Can't Happen Here (1:34:24)

Does the US government represent the people? (05:50)

Does Torture Actually Work? (11:39)

DOJ vs. Gibson Guitar Company (9:16)

Domestic drones (3:26)

"Don't be evil" (02:16)

Drones, torture and the loss of net neutrality (18:12)

Drugging America into a stupor (1:34:43)

Dylan Ratigan is back and running for Congress (15:19)

Factories at sea (30:12)

"Fast and Furious" Made Simple (2:32)

Fat chance of 'Change' in the Drugs War (6:05)

Federal horse thieves (Part One) (00:08:11)

Feds try to steal a motel from elderly couple (2:47)

First the Vatican, now Westminster UK (3:03)

Florida D.O.T. illegally detains millions of motorists, builds database (4:39)

Foreign Policy (7:06)

Fracking: A criminal enterprise (13:23)

Gaming the government pension system (03:45)

Gangsters at work (9:08)

Gentrifying people out of existence (04:25)

Gibson Guitar Company Attacked by Feds (25:42)

Glass-Steagall and the banking collapse (03:39)

Going in Circles (6:22)

Government attempted to legalize and codify their lying (5:54)

Government goes on a crime spree (3:34)

Government kidnapping (03:39)

Government Narcotics Trafficking (7:07)

Government protected criminal networks that target children (54:45)

Government using Predator drones against Americans at home (9:39)

Govt. kidnapping epidemic in Philadelphia (09:02)

Guatemala - 1983 (27:54)

Gun confiscation reality check (00:05:04)

Health Care Reform Will Not Be Televised (3:22)

Here's how the US economy works now (01:10:27)

Hillary and company are still at it... (02:07:54)

Hillary's emails will be revealed - in 75 years (01:39)

Hillary? Really? Here we go again... (57:17)

Homeland Security goes on an ammo buying binge (6:51)

How "leaders" use aid (6:21)

How "religious" conflicts are created (16:47)

How a food scientist ended up in Hillary's emails (10:34)

How America lost its way (4:53)

How Congress is ripping you off (01:52)

How Congress works (2:46)

How corrupt is US politics really? (16:46)

How did this happen? (41:30)

How do you know when a politician is lying? ( 29:52)

How Empires Decline (including ours) (1:03:01)

How Intelligence agency corruption works (53:26)

How is this funny? (1:04)

How It All Works - Part Two (8:06)

How Politicians See You (14:23)

How psychopaths run the world and what to do about it (15:30)

How the Congress games the country (3:11)

How the government really works (7:51)

How the government silences witnesses (6:41)

How the medical monster came to be (6:11)

How to turn the tables on telemarketers (14:02)

How U.S. Presidents are "neutralized" (5:00)

How Uncle Sam helps the bad guys (5:26)

How we arm the bad guys - again and again (5:26)

How whistle blowers are usually treated (22:34)

In hard times, life's a party for some GSA workers (4:34)

In memory of Russell Means (15:27)

In praise of Covert Action Quarterly (1978 - 2005) (11:57)

In the shadowy, strange world of the CIA (45:42)

Indefinite Detention: The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act (13:57)

Introducing a great American journalist (59:41)

Invisible Empire (2:14:01)

Iran Is NOT Our Enemy (3:32)

IRS head takes the Fifth, refuses to answer (4:57)

IRS lied: The "missing" e-mails are safe and sound (1:44)

Is it time to indict Congress members? (2:39)

Is NASA faking it? (17:46)

"It's like a line for a ride at Disneyland" (02:37)

Jewish Times threatens President Obama (4:08)

Jimmy Savile, Margaret Thatcher and pedophile ring (3:58)

John McCain: Professional crook (2:48)

John Negroponte: The Death Squad Ambassador (2:42)

John Stewart on The Monsanto Protection Act (6:23)

Judge Strikes Down Indefinite Detention (2:18)

Juian Assange is still a prisoner (2:18)

Ken O'Keefe is pissed - you should be too (19:59)

Kill the Messenger (2:45)

Kill the Messenger - Part Five (10:18)

Kill the Messenger - Part Four (10:18)

Kill the Messenger - Part One (10:45)

Kill the Messenger - Part Three (10:38)

Kill the Messenger - Part Two (10:16)

Latest vaccination propaganda push (1:51)

Leaking Reactors (2:26)

Legalized corruption of government exposed by Jack Abramoff (6:12)

Legalized stealing (16:37)

Legislators and lobbyists caught in the act (06:41)

Let's remember Haiti (25:48)

Libya, The Real Story (22:17)

Lone nuts and the "strategy of tension" (02:56)

"Lost" US soldier found in Vietnam (1:37)

Lying with satellite pictures (3:53)

Lyndon Johnson, arch criminal (13:51)

Made in China - By prison labor (25:04)

Mae Brussell: We never went to the moon (44:06)

Major US protest - totally ignored (10:53)

Man begins 30 day jail sentence for collecting rainwater on his own property (3:29)

Manufacturing Poverty (26:58)

Mass surveillance and control (6:25)

Meet the author of "The Plutonium Files" (01:09:04)

Meet the real boss (2:48)

Mefloquine, the military's own zombie potion (13:15)

Mexican cartels have MILITARY weapons (2:00)

Monsanto practically a government agency (9:29)

Monsanto's Get Out of Jail Free Card (6:18)

Moon Landings: The problem is the photos (8:09)

More "Free Trade" bullshit revealed (20:42)

Naomi Wolf: The End of America (47:48)

Nestle is not your friend (04:07)

New Indiana law takes us pre-civil rights era (6:33)

New IRS licensing scheme challenged (3:59)

Next they're coming for the children (00:08:01)

"Not My City Anymore" (6:18)

NSA: Thieves, liars and fools (5:58)

Obama built the cages (11:29)

Obama caught red handed (03:24)

Obama is an 'elected dictator' (8:10)

Obama Signs NDAA...Again (6:23)

ObamaCare contractor accused of criminal behavior (2:50)

Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs (1:41)

Ohio Mother claims her 6 year old daughter was strip searched by school (1:12)

Oklahoma bombing: Another false flag forgotten (10:54)

One bank uber alles (28:03)

One cartel to rule them all (9:29)

Out-scamming the Clintons (6:39)

Paid government liars (55:35)

Part One: The Endless "War on Drugs" (14:58)

Part Three: The Endless "War on Drugs" (14:21)

Part Two: The Endless "War of Drugs" (14:51)

PATRIOT Act super-charged (5:00)

Pentagon prepares 'Re-Education Camps' for American citizens (9:40)

Peter Dale Scott on everything (8:26)

Politics, entertainment and organized crime (7:58)

Private prisons, a recession resistant investment opportunity (7:54)

Puerto Rico misery a profit center (20:19)

Putin - What's the deal? (14:36)

Rand Paul leans on Abby Martin (13:16)

Real wild fire fighting (1:53)

Regime Change USA (38:47)

Remember the lost nukes? (2:11)

Ron Paul on US Government Drug Trafficking (3:47)

Ron Paul, ACLU Condemn Targeted Killing (1:30)

Secrets of the Mexican drug trade (2:27)

Senator Harry Reid: Lying, thieving bastard (13:28)

Shredding Bhengazi Docs (1:46)

Simple proof the government helps the drug trade (4:37)

Slavery Past and Present (09:32)

"Small town America will no longer be the same" (5:09)

Small town Psy Ops (12:13)

So you think the last crash was bad? (19:32)

So-called authorities raid organic farm picnic event (4:38)

Some truth about the 14th Street Substation I'd like to believe them, but I don't... (0:29)

Sometimes the TV weatherman tells the truth... (00:47)

Space - the final frontier of government scamming ( 32:07)

Special Report - The Clinton spy network unraveling (22:52)

Spending bill from hell (3:59)

Staten Island After Sandy (5:27)

Stealing kids is a government profit center (15:09)

Straight talk about the surveillance state (11:48)

Strange Immunity (54:29)

SWAT Team at Navy Yard shooting told to 'Stand Down' (6:27)

Terror victims bill blocked by Chiquita bananas (7:30)

The 19th century get-rich-quick system (07:46)

The Arkansas drug money laundering factory (3:46)

The assassination team (8:47)

The awesome power of ridicule (4:04)

The back scatter scam (4:34)

The Bank of Crooks and Criminals (7:43)

The best secret government money can buy (03:54)

The Big Boston coincidence (6:11)

The Big Picture (47:29)

The biggest detected municipal fraud in US history (39:25)

The biggest provider of guns to criminals? (6:23)

The Biggest Threat To The American People... ...is the American people? (4:59)

The border scam (10:09)

The Boston-ization of Paris (6:41)

The CEO who said "No" to the NSA (4:01)

The CIA and the Mafia: Old business pals (4:09)

The CIA cocaine pipeline to South Central LA (3:05)

The CIA-FBI-Clinton charity scam (28:21)

The CIA/Mafia/Vatican Alliance (14:24)

The CIA/the Vatican/Drug dealing/The JFK Assassination (14:59)

The CIA: Founded and operated on torture (8:54)

The CIA: The US government's mafia (40:21)

The Clinton Charity Mega-Fraud (35:23)

The Clinton Years (14:39)

The Clintons in Haiti (32:47)

The Constitution was Shredded . . . (10:12)

The Corporate America Diet (10:33)

The corruption of higher education (03:33)

The Corruption Olympics (17:12)

The cost of combat (53:07)

The cure for toxic politics? ( 25:45)

The Curious Case of George White (42:29)

The cut, burn, and drug school of medicine (2:37)

The death of Robin Williams (8:49)

The endless US war on Cuba (12:34)

The fall of Detroit (41:19)

The fate of pension plans (07:21)

The Gangster Nature of the State (47:31)

The GOP's nightmare budget (7:44)

The government attack on normal Americans (7:12)

The government's troll training program (01:21)

The Great Federal Water Grab (3:29)

The great military industrial scam (49:04)

The great Saudi Arabian scam (19:13)

The health care crisis - solved (30:34)

The illusion of choice (29:20)

The INSLAW Affair (17:00)

The Invisible American Workforce (47:58)

The Kill List (3:46)

The Kleptocacy Bureaucracy (30:27)

The last time McCain and Kerry partnered up... (10:00)

The library of Mark Lombardi

The Loss of Liberty (52:09)

The massacre south of the border (24:19)

The Medici Cycle (25:45)

The military loves their drones (2:47)

The missing dictator game (7:13)

The Mystery of KAL 007 (01:10:59)

The mystery of Oliver North (7:24)

The never-ending scandal of VA hospitals (7:23)

The new UK blackmail machine (09:57)

The news from Puerto Rico (17:27)

The NFL, The Mafia and Fixed Games (00:08:10)

The Nigerian oil holocaust (18:09)

The NSA Lied Us Into Iraq (10:14)

The opium origins of Skull & Bones (10:58)

The original Wikileaks - Before the Internet (13:37)

The Pentagon and Technology (05:38)

The Pentagon is a money pit (3:47)

The Phoenix Program and Homeland Security (12:08)

The poisoning of America's soul (12:29)

The private prison business goes on (03:13)

The privatization of education (33:18)

The real Facebook scandal revealed (13:01)

The Real Info War (11:25)

The Real Meaning of Terrorism (9:58)

The reality of government (16:04)

The Schwartzkopf Crime Family (4:22)

The secret principles of transparency (2:25)

The shady world of "infrastructure" (5:25)

The showdown at the Bundy Ranch (29:58)

"The Sky Is Pink" (18:34)

The State and its lie machine enforcers (6:29)

The story of Maryanne Godboldo and her fight against the Therapeutic State (10:41)

The Story of Your Enslavement (13:10)

The Supreme Court and it's recent Habeas Corpus ruling (7:31)

The Trump switcheroo (24:59)

The truth about "Russiagate" (26:56)

The truth about the Trump budget (31:22)

The truth always comes to light (5:25)

The Ukraine, China and the Bidens (04:44)

The Ultimate Surveillance Program (19:03)

The unfriendly skies (9:11)

The United States of Organized Crime (57:03)

The US armed Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons (9:56)

The US government's sockpuppet war (6:45)

The US is no democracy (5:00)

The USA and Murder Inc. (12:35)

Third World conditions in post-flood New York (2:42)

This pop-culture figure fights the good fight (26:00)

Too big to jail (56:41)

Too fragile for the truth? (02:51)

Top universites aided CIA torturers (9:24)

Torture Inc. (5:47)

Tracking down the bad guys (4:00)

Traitors, spies and shady bankers (15:13)

Traitors? GOP Senators declare their own foreign policy (10:10)

"Trolls" are often paid by the government (8:48)

Trump and Sessions gut FBI oversight (13:55)

U.S. Army ready to invade U.S? (9:52)

UN Agenda 21 Explained (39:30)

Understanding what anarchy really means (19:52)

Unraveling Sandy Hook (1:32:13)

Update: Marine vet kidnapped by FBI released (6:30)

US Government - World Class Liars (5:57)

US government extortion attack on Yahoo (3:24)

US health care high prices, low quality (15:46)

"US police as dangerous as criminals" (7:17)

US supporting Ukraine protestors (2:09)

US terrorism against Cuba (04:50)

US-Nazi Aeronautics (43:33)

USAID dirty tricks in Cuba (5:06)

VA hospitals out of control (4:09)

Vaccine exemptions attacked (3:25)

Vet came home in one piece only to lose legs in protest (17:27)

Wal-Mart: Lower prices and brainwashing (5:23)

War From Inside The Belly Of The Beast (8:27)

War on whistleblowers (9:24)

Water shortages (25:46)

"We meant well" (14:24)

"We'll find out what's in it after we pass it" (2:12)

We're All Indians now (1:35;59)

"We've just become a military dictatorship" (6:06)

Weapons in the war against democracy (7:00)

Welcome to America (5:05)

What does "corruption" in Russia mean? (18:30)

What happens AFTER gun bans? (6:28)

What indefinite detention looks like (13:11)

What Obama Care is really all about (13:55)

What's Behind the Libya Attack? (15:00)

What's behind the recent shootings? (1:13:38)

What's happening with the economy? (37:08)

When a cop tries to do the right thing (42:39)

When Julian Assange exposed corruption in the DNC (11:43)

When the US set the military against veterans (6:53)

When the US went off the tracks for real (1:24:46)

Where do trolls come from? (5:23)

Where stupidity glorified and crooks run free (1:46:07)

Where the money goes (05:34)

Where trolls come from (5:27)

Where we're at without the sugar coating (8:47)

Who are the Cuban Five? (7:15)

Who's Really Behind the War in Syria? (50:09)

Why Congress is a disaster area (1:42)

Why Congress is totally useless (21:25)

Why Louisiana stays poor (15:24)

Why poor countries stay poor (10:02)

Why Puerto Rico is broke (21:21)

Why so many died in New Orleans but not Texas and Florida? (11:51)

Why the birds and bees are dying (5:44)

Why the Justice Department doesn't catch banksters, terrorists and other enemies of the nation (9:36)

Why they are after Julian Assange again (06:27)

With love from China (4:42)

Wukan villagers protest (3:46)

Your tax dollars used to screw you (8:02)

"Your thoughts are not your own" (47:32)

Zombie politics (12:59)

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