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Juian Assange is still a prisoner

Why one country's people protests


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Assange has much more support than US media ever admit


Thousands of people have rallied in front of the British Embassy in Madrid asking for the release of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, for releasing more than 250,000 US government cables. They re-criminated the British government for trying to silence Assange and extradite him to the US.

The Protesters called for "the re-establishment of the Wikileaks Internet domain", and the restoration of credit card services that stopped working with the whistleblower website.

According to them, the UK in particular seems firm to block the free flow of information at every turn.

Many also showed anger towards the British government for always covering up illegal US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The impact of Wikileaks within Spain has been huge, it has revealed that the US embassy in Madrid has tried to influence judges, the government, and prosecutors in cases involving US citizens.

One involved a detainee in Guantanamo, another covered secret CIA flights in Spain. One even revealed the case of a journalist, Jose Couso, who was killed by US soldiers in Iraq. It showed that the Spanish government told US diplomats they would try to close down the case while at the same time telling the family of the slain journalist that they would do everything they could to solve it. This has been difficult for the Socialist government to explain.

Madrid and other Spanish cities have joined voices against the British government for its prosecution of Jullian Assange, founder of Wikileaks and its constant meddling in International affairs especially when it concerns what they call covering up US crimes and mischief.

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