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Moon Landings: The problem is the photos

Every professional photographers "gets" it


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Jeremy Clarkson and Marcus Allen


This is a very short bit about a topic that can be covered in encyclopedic depth.

Here's the cut to the chase and the ultimate bottom line on this story.

Whether or not the astronauts went to the moon or not, there is no way on earth or (on the moon) that the "moon photos" were taken on the moon.

It is completely, utterly and incontrovertibly fact of reality.

The weird shadows, the strange light artifacts, the impossible lighting are only the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately, Allen, after stumping Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, demolishes his own credibility by delivering a weird bit of disinformation about the Kennedy assassination.

But facts are facts: You can't take perfectly framed and focused pictures on the moon (or anywhere else) without a viewfinder, without auto-focus, and wearing thick gloves. The world's greatest photographer could not have pulled this off.

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