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Decoding the Common Core Curriculum scam

It's Obamacare for education


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Designed in secret, fixes nothing, and a total disaster


This video was recorded at the Knox County School Board Regular Meeting on November 6, 2013.

As of this day - it already has 859,667 views.

Does that mean that the mass media will pay attention to it and make it into one of their favorite "social media" stories.


The facts about this disaster are going to be kept quiet...i spite of the fact that all across the country thousands of parents and teachers are protesting this anti-education, anti-student, and anti-teacher piece of non-legistlation seeks to change education in the US for the benefit of a few privately owned companies.

Share this one please.

Brasscheck TV has more about this here...



What's behind it? (short version):


What's behind it? (long version):


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