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The US government's sockpuppet war

against its own citizens


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This has been used at home
against US citizens for years


I know for a fact that in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the federal levees in New Orleans and for years afterward, employees of the US Army Corps of Engineers employed sock puppets to pose as "typical" American citizens and make personal attacks against New Orleans residents and specific individuals who questioned the Corps shoddy levee design and construction methods.

I also know for a fact that the editor of the New Orleans Times-Picayune (the city's paper of record) disappeared and/or destroyed the evidence of this covert smear campaign which the paper had on its Nola.com servers and fired the employee who uncovered and documented it.

The organization the Corps specifically targeted by the Army Corps was the citizen group levees.org.

For more information about this group go to levees.org to learn about other dirty tricks this branch of the federal government played against this group and the citizens of New Orleans and the United States.

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