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Cheesy Movie Night: "Capricorn One"

Fictional account of faked space mission
Action starts at 7:00


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Released 1977, written by a cinematographer


Elliott Gould, O.J. Simpson, Hal Holbrook, Karen Black, Telly Savalas , and other starred in a forgettable movie that was released in 1977 (less than ten years after the moon landing) called "Capricorn One."

Peter Hyams wrote and directed it at the tender age of 34.

Besides being a screenwriter/director, is also an accomplished photographer and cinematographer.

At 21, he was a news anchor and before that a prodigy of a jazz drummer, playing will Bil Evans and Maynard Ferguson.

Some of his paintings have been exhibited in the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Why did he write this script? How did it get produced?

One thing I know is that the script was unsellable, until the Watergate scandal. Suddenly, the idea of bald faced official lying seemed more plausible.

"From studios in an abandoned air force base in the Mojave desert, they fake broadcasts of their journey to Mars, exploration of the surface, and their return."

What does screenwriter/director Peter Hyams think about the plausibility of his story.

I don't know - but he is an extremely accomplished photographer and it's hard to imagine him looking at the Apollo pictures as naively as non-photographers do.

By the way, check out the post-landing press conference of the Apollo II crew. They are clearly not happy about something.

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