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Americans abandoned

No power, no heat, no food, destroyed homes


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December 1, 2012


The storm was in October. It's now December and there are still thousands of people who have no place to go.

The first five days after Katrina were a disgrace, but it's looking like the first five weeks after Sandy have been worse.

Information on how you can help here: Help After Sandy. org

December 1, 2012, Anthony Antonello and Danny Panzella went to where FEMA is holding and protecting over 70 trailers in what they call staging areas. Anthony covered this story about a month ago, a couple days after Hurricane Sandy devastated many parts of the North East, and is now doing an update. Panzella being from Staten Island was able to give some first hand information that not many people outside the effected areas know about, and the point is really made that it's hard to see a reason on why these trailers haven't moved in a month when people are suffering and looking for some temporary relief especially with the holidays quickly approaching.

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