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The best secret government
money can buy

Program length - 03:54


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Witnesses explain how it works


Hard to believe, eh?

Yet these are real people.

This is, in fact, Albert Carone's daughter. He was a former military officer, NYPD officer and high ranking made man in the New York mafia.

There is a great deal of footage on the Internet by and about Chip Tatum. He may or may not still be alive.

The supporting documents he refers to are available on the Internet in a book called "The Tatum Chronicles."

Chip Tatum's wife Nancy wrote a book about her experiences called "Joining Club Fed" about the harassment and intimidation she received at the hands of the federal government.

Organized Crime - Sworn deposition
by Desiree F. Carone daughter of
Albert "Big Al" Carone in 1998

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