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ObamaCare contractor accused of criminal behavior

Pay $1 million, get a $1 billion contract


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Didn't any Obama geniuses read the newspaper?


The US is a high tech/software/eCommerce powerhouse.

We're really good at this stuff.

So why did the Obama administration give a $1 billion plus ObamaCare website contract to a UK company that is already under investigation for everything from gross incompetence to government fraud to sexual assault?

Follow the money.

The corporate felons spent $1 million on lobbying (read that "legalized bribery to dirtbag politicians.")

That's a 1,000 to 1 return on their investment (bribe to contract size.)

Why can't every American get in on this corporate gravy train? Think of the good it would do the country.

I'd be happy to give Obama $1,000 to get a million dollar contract to create a web site. I'd ever make sure it works. Which government punk to I give the money to?

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