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Defending civil liberties:


A second look at Timothy Leary (11:10)

Amendment regarding Eminent Domain (2:08)

And now, for some good news (1:53)

Another strange shooting (1:08)

Apple, Google defy US government (2:18)

Battle for the California desert (9:50)

Border patrols in the United States (6:52)

Bring the Guard home (4:40)

Bush's Private Army (4:25)

Championing the Fourth Amendment (9:07)

Counter-terrorism expert leaves the FBI to defend civil rights (8:56)

Crayon "gun" overreaction (2:32)

Demonizing 9/11 Truth (9:14)

Dissent and enemy "belligerents" (7:00)

Fall of the Republic (2:24:18)

Freedom on the road? (13:30)

Guantanamo (8:09)

Gun confiscation reality check (00:05:04)

Gun rights haters will hate this (1:29:38)

Hand over your money, we have probable cause (6:50)

Hong Kong demonstration for free elections (1:55)

How corporations censor the Internet in the US (7:10)

Hutto: America's Family Prison (17:00)

Impeach Gonzales - Part One (1:59)

Impeach Gonzales - Part Two (1:59)

Income tax reality check (7:00)

Information Wants To Be Free (00:06:28)

It won't stop at the airports (10:00)

Its not just the NSA (20:30)

Local government fraud (1:00)

Meet the Magna Carta - 1215 (29:32)

New Anti-Civil Rights Technology (5:00)

Next they're coming for the children (00:08:01)

Oklahoma City (4:00)

Prison vs. School (5:57)

"Prolonged detention" (2011) (7:42)

Security over freedom (14:27)

"Small town America will no longer be the same" (5:09)

Still no justice for Leonard Peltier (6:44)

Tell the truth, go to jail (41:23)

The arithmetic of war (7:07)

The awesome power of ridicule (4:04)

The government attack on normal Americans (7:12)

The Rise of the Warrior Cop (5:24)

The secret history of the Civil Rights Movement (3:41)

The showdown at the Bundy Ranch (29:58)

The Ultimate Surveillance Program (19:03)

The war against labor (4:14)

Their crime? Growing tomatoes (2:44)

"There's never been such an easy way to spy on the public" (10:00)

"They are destroying the Constitution" (10:00)

Tired of NSA spying Brazil, EU thumb noses at US (6:31)

Veteran police officer says "no" to random door-to-door searches (5:00)

Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall discusses H.B. 1160, against illegal detention (7:16)

We're Not in Mayberry Anymore (2:00)

Welcome to America (1:49)

What Happened to the Tea Party? (5:25)

What is the DEA up to now? (4:14)

What will they think of next? (20:00)

What's really going on? (1:00:00)

Who owns the rain that falls on your roof? (2:08)

WikiLeaks founder an Assassination Target? (10:58)

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