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It won't stop at the airports

FBI Agents knock on door of peace activist


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Federal Bureau of Intimidation


It started at the airports...and they are already doing the same at select bus and train stations.

"Just because" road blocks are common in many states. Your car is stopped and pulled over not because you or anyone is suspected of anything, but just because idle police and federal gangsters need something to do.

What's next?

How about members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force showing up at your door because you have a political opinion that might oppose the one's held by the criminals in power.

Introducing America's thought police since 1908

"If you just answer the questions, everything will be just fine. We don't want anybody to get hurt."

They can't save the nation's environment from total devastation...they can't save the economy from widespread, in broad daylight looting...so they're going to do the next best thing...

Send FBI agents to your home to question you about your "activities" if you have the audacity to express your opinion.

FBI - Federal Bureau of Intimidation (or attempted intimidation)

Actually their full name - to be entirely accurate about what they were designed to do from Day One - is this:

The Federal Bureau of Citizen Intimidation and Evidence Suppression

If you are a high level government criminal, these people will not only never be a threat to you, they'll also be at your service to cover up your crimes and intimidate your critics.

A shame because a lot of decent but naive people join the FBI thinking that they'll be serving their country.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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