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Bring the Guard home

or domestic protection,
not imperial wars


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"This is a serious mess"


The War in Iraq is a twin disaster.

First and foremost for Iraqi civilians, those killed, maimed, their lives, health and livelihoods ruined.

Second for America. Rarely discussed is the enormous - and illegal - use of National Guard in the occupation.

These men and women signed up for DOMESTIC duty and are only to be called in the defense of the nation in times of extreme emergency and for legally declared wars.

Instead Bush sent them to Iraq and Afghanistan by the tens of thousands destroying countless small businesses, careers, and marriages in the process.

When injured, these men and women receive medical benefits greatly inferior to those received by active duty soldiers.

When needed in Mississippi and Louisiana after the 2005 hurricanes and US Army Corps of Engineers levee failures, local Guard units and their much needed equipment were not available because they were illegally sent overseas.

The use of the National Guard is, has been and continues to be illegal.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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