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The secret history of the Civil Rights Movement

The part of the story you're not supposed to know


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What the anti-gun rights hysterics
don't want you to ever learn


Martin Luther King practiced and endorsed non-violence, but that didn't mean he was willing to let his marchers be victims of homicidal violence from local gun thugs and "law enforcement."

The Gun Control Act of 1968 kicked off a frenzy of new US gun laws...

Here´s the secret history behind the timing:

The first gun laws restricting private citizens where dictated by the British Empire against American colonists. The Empire wanted only its military to have weapons of self defense.

The next wave of anti guns laws in the US took place after slavery was abolished. The laws, passed by Southern legislatures, explicitly prohibited African-Americans from owning firearms.

The next big wave of anti gun laws, which we are still in the middle of, started in the mid 1960s.


Yes, there were a number of high profile assassinations, but they've all since been proven to be government conspiracies at least in their non-investigation if not their actual execution. (JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, etc.)

The hysteria against private gun ownership was revived in the United States at exactly the same time that African-Americans started using firearms to protect their civil rights.

That's the real history behind these laws.

Civil rights laws were not granted to African-Americans by a beneficent federal government. They were taken by the accumulation of millions of acts of courage, some of them armed.

Note: Gandhi believed in private ownership of firearms too. Look it up.

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