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Impeach Gonzales - Part Two

"There's a pattern here and it doesn't look good."


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Rogue state


Filmaker Robert Greenwald has been prolific not only in creating timely films about key issues of our time (Iraq, election fraud, Wal-Mart), he's been inspired about coming up with new ways to getting his films seen.

Currently, he's running an Internet video campaign to force the impeachment of Robert Gonzales.

Some facts about Gonzales:

* He wrote the legal opinion that made torture by the arrested "legal" by the US.

* Bush rewarded him by making him Attorney General of the United States.

* Gonzales returned the favor by ruthlessly eliminating federal prosecutors who were unwilling to do the White House's poltical bidding by legally attacked political enemies using the power of the federal prosecutors office.

* He lied about the same under oath before Congress.

Bush says he intends to stand behind Gonzoles. I say we intend to have him impeached.

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