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Income tax reality check

"The slave master is now Big Brother"


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A little history


People complain about taxes, but rarely think about the US tax system and how it came into being.

The Federal Reserve, the draft, Wall Street (as we know it today), modern PR and the IRS were all created around the same time and for the same purpose.

To railroad the US population into supporting the British Empire during World War I.

World War I was between two imperial powers - Germany and England. The US had no reason whatsoever to be involved in it, thus the need for ambitious social engineering.

Since World War I, the system put in place has made your money - and your life - the property of the federal government and whoever can manipulate it. At least, that's how they look at it.

This speaker, a Native American, gets it.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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