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Hong Kong demonstration for free elections

Police (state employed thugs) do what they do


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"Disperse or we will fire"


Interesting on so many levels.

First, this is the biggest demonstration in Hong Kong - ever.

Second, it's being led by college students who are striking and say they will not return to classes until the issue is settled.

Third,. the news media is doing what they do, broadcasting what I call "demonstration porn."

Instead of explaining the issues and the players involved, they're just showing footage of cops and protestors as if the whole thing were some kind of entertaining spectacle devoid of meaning.

Interesting too...if this were happening in the US, the demonstrators would be demonized as trouble markers, but since it's China they're freedom fighters deserving our respect (which they do.)

I am afraid the demonstrators are a little naive.

When China had a lot less money, a lot less power and owned a lot fewer US politicians and "thought leaders', it murdered its citizens in cold blood on television to "restore order."

I have no doubt they learned their lesson, that they can get away with it, and that they won't hesitate to do it again.

At the end of the day the people run China are gangsters after all, just like our "leaders" here at home.

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