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The bogus drug war:


CIA: Cocaine Import Agency (21:11)

A new way to ban gun ownership (4:32)

A proposal for mandatory marijuana use (6:02)

A real dose of real American history (10:58)

A second look at Timothy Leary (11:10)

A visit to "Murder City" (9:59)

A Voice Of Reason On Marijuana (5:44)

A whole Sheriff's Department arrested (9:51)

Adventures in Morocco (43:01)

Asa Hutchinson: Federal cover up artist for Mena Guns, drugs, and money laundering (10:03)

Ask for directions and go to jail (2:08)

Automated license plate recognition (3:59)

Best use of an army yet! (1:11)

Big Brother And Madison Avenue go into the weed business (17:23)

Big Pharma is in control (2:13)

Binders Full of Flim Flam (10:01)

Blackwater-type mercenaries destroy legal pot gardens in California (3:23 )

Blowing the whistle on CIA involvement in drug dealing (5:31)

Boys and their toys (1:16)

China's drug underworld (26:06)

Connecting the dots: Crack, Contras, and the CIA (25:55)

Cooking with Marijuana (14:34)

Dick Morris: ALL children should be drug tested regularly as a condition for being in school (4:19)

Drugs are not the problem (22:55)

Forbidden medicine (57:01)

Hidden helpers in the heroin trade (1:20)

How the FDA makes Big Pharma rich (16:32)

Illegal steroid use by cops an epidemic (4:00)

Inside the Canadian weed business (44:09)

Is it the 1980's - or 2015? (01:46:25)

Is the DEA run by government- authorized drug traffickers? (08:27)

Juicing Raw Cannabis (15:00)

Juicing Raw Cannabis: The Science Behind It (21:01)

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) (01:24:23)

Local militias battle drug cartel (2:43)

LSD 1950's style (8:46)

Mainstreaming the weed biz (5:15)

Medical marijuana in Ohio (00:29)

Meet me at Mena (2:21:30)

"Never Get Busted Again" (1:30:46)

No charges, no nothing For Passenger Lists (0:48)

Part One: The Endless "War on Drugs" (14:58)

Part Three: The Endless "War on Drugs" (14:21)

Part Two: The Endless "War of Drugs" (14:51)

Policing for Profit (3:54)

Pro-Cannabis neuroscientist attacked by LAPD (18:15)

Psychedelics as treatment for addiction (35:20)

Ron Paul on US Government Drug Trafficking (3:47)

Saudis in the drug business (46:09)

Secrets of the Mexican drug trade (2:27)

Simple proof the government helps the drug trade (4:37)

Snitch or die (7:18)

Special delivery for the Vatican (2:08)

Spoon of Terror! (25:35)

Strong evidence OJ didn't do it (1:27:31)

Talking about marijuana (7:27)

The "Cannabis as Schedule 1 Drug" fraud (06:03)

The "Drug War" Business (3:00)

The CIA cocaine pipeline to South Central LA (3:05)

The CIA/Mafia/Vatican Alliance (14:24)

The CIA/the Vatican/Drug dealing/The JFK Assassination (14:59)

The CIA: The US government's mafia (40:21)

The Clinton Years (14:39)

The Cops: We Smell Weed (00:07:12)

The deep science of medical cannabis (1:15:25)

The dirty war on drugs goes on (24:30)

The Feds accelerate marijuana arrests (4:50)

The John Kerry Show (1:00:10)

The massacre south of the border (24:19)

The next big "revenue source" (3:51)

The prison biz (2:56)

The stupid cruelty of cannabis laws (09:26)

The twisted drug war deciphered (31:34)

The Vatican, Cocaine and the CIA connection (2:01:07)

The world's first weed free country (28:21)

Traitors, spies and shady bankers (15:13)

US facilitating the Afghan opium/heroin industry (3:34)

US fails to stem Afghan opium tide (1:37)

"We got him - but we lost the body" (2:05)

What happens when drugs are decriminalized (15:12)

What's really happening in Mexico? (5:00)

When TV used to tell the truth occasionally (40:21)

Where cannabis is legal (11:29)

Where did America go wrong? (3:21)

Who is funding the "war on drugs"? (8:31)

Why is marijuana a Schedule 1 drug? (15:07)

Why the war on cannabis? (13:28)

Yes, the CIA brings drugs into the country (02:17)

You are being deprived (11:53)

Your friendly neighborhood drug pusher (17:13)

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