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The opium origins of Skull & Bones

Program length - 10:58


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Your Basic Skull And Bones - Kris Millegan Speaks Out

By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

(...)Millegan learned about Skull and Bones from Antony Sutton, a now-deceased whistleblower and from Charlotte Iserbyt, a still-alive whistleblower whose Dad was a Bonesman. Sutton was a conservative scholar (so is Iserbyt, so am I), who was a bit disgusted by the fact that the US was secretly financing the USSR.
Sutton found a friend in Kris Millegan, son of a CIA man who could distinguish patriotism from moonshine. In order to be sure the Sutton books got published, Kris Millegan founded a press, TrineDay. At the moment the said publisher is in Toronto to interview his newest author, Judyth Vary Baker, the girlfriend of Lee Oswald.
Sutton persuaded Millegan that Skull and Bones is possibly the inner sanctum of World Government. This makes sense. "The Order," as the members call it (or The Russell Trust, as it is legally named), came to the US from Germany by way of Daniel Coit Gilman in 1837. (Ever been to Gilman Hall at Johns Hopkins?) Fifteen Yale seniors per year are invited in.
Now, as promised, here is an excerpt from the book that was published anonymously in 1922. It managed to become a best-seller, so it must have had great promotion, even before Madison Ave was invented! Later, it was said to have been penned by Colonel Edward House, President Woodrow Wilson's handler. Note: the designation 'colonel' had no basis.
It was a novel endorsing a socialist utopia that would be founded in America, albeit forcibly, by the goodhearted Mr. Philip Dru (Obamacare, anyone?). Dru would emerge from the citizenry to oppose the awful Selwyn who was corrupting the federal government.
If Antony Sutton got it right, and I think he did, the book gives details of how Selwyn did the corrupting FOR THE PURPOSE OF providing a teaching tool for those in the provinces! Sort of a handbook for the Dems, Repubs, Tea Party, anybody. Sutton thinks this Dru book "encodes the Order of Skull and Bones." 

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