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What's really happening in Mexico?

A Government run by Drug Cartels


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No cops? No military?


What is this news reporter talking about?

These ARE the cops and/or military.

If not currently, they've certainly received law enforcement and/or military training.

Some stats from "Murder City", a recent book about Juarez by Charles Bowden:

1. There are now at least 10,000 troops and federal police in Juarez
2. The murder rate increased well over 100% AFTER they arrived
3. There are an estimated 150,000 addicts in Juarez
4. As many as 30% to 40% of the population depends on the drug trade for all or part of its income

Here's what happened to Mexico in a nutshell:

1. NAFTA destroyed the livelihood of millions of small scale farmers and workers in supporting industries

2. Border cities like Juarez were flooded with economic refugees seeking slave wage manufacturing work

3. China took that business sending unemployment soaring - and there is nowhere for these people to go

4. The government, always part of the drug business, lifted its informal but effective multi-decade ban on drug dealing within Mexico and a huge internal market formed

5. Hundreds of thousands of people who never would have been in the drug business before are now involved in the domestic side of the business.

6. In 2006 Felipe Calderon won the presidential election with a Bush-style election fraud and quickly faced a massive popular protest (unlike what Bush faced after his two fraudulent victories.)

7. To cement his position, Calderon unleashed the military who have long been involved in the drug trade to suppress dissent. He called this assault and terror campaign against the Mexican people "an attack on the cartels."

8. Now the cartels (including the military) are fighting it out amongst themselves over the new and highly lucrative local market, murdering competing cartel members high and low as well as honest police officers, journalists and anyone else who happens to get in their way, irritate them or have something they want. (There are few shootouts. The overwhelming majority of the murders are "hits" not unlike like the one caught on this traffic footage, though usually on a smaller scale.)

9. The US sends the Mexican army a billion plus a year in weapons to help it carry on its "drug war."

Yes, it really is this f***ed up and the mayhem appears to be spreading from the killing fields in the border town of Juarez (the State of Chihuahua) to other parts of the country.

Two of the US's most populous states, California and Texas, border on this travesty, which is tragically devolving into one of the most unstable, unlawful and violent places on earth. Juarez in fact may be the most dangerous place on the planet right now with a death rate equal to active war zones.

And if you live in the US you hear NOTHING of any of this which is strange because...

Between NAFTA, our prohibition on drugs, and our funding, arming, and training of "anti-drug" operations in Mexico (not to mention the drug industry's money which US banks happily launder), this catastrophe should have Made in the USA stamped on it.

Onward to Libya and Sierra Leone!

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