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US facilitating the Afghan opium/heroin industry

Afghanistan is the world's #1 producer


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Banks are in on this too


"An uncomfortable fluke...."

Uh, really?

We can send SWAT teams to break down people's doors all over the country in search of cannabis...

We can somehow afford to jail hundreds of thousands of drug users (not dealers, users)...

But we can't do anything about the fact that Afghanistan, where our military is currently based not only can't do anything about drug production there, we're also literally - not a conspiracy theory - literally using US troops to guard opium crops on behalf of "friends of the United States."

How, by any stretch of the imagination can anyone who grows opium for heroin production be a "friend of the United States."

It depends what you mean by the "United States" doesn't it?

Afghanistan is not the first country that had a spike in the heroin trade by "an uncomfortable fluke...."

Try Vietnam when, by coincidence, the US was there.

And before that, way back in the 1920s our anti-communist allies in China.

And don't forget the Skull and Bones founding families and the legendary US clipper ships.

Do you really think they made their money racing tea back from China to Boston and New Haven?

Clipper ships were opium haulers - and this trade, along with the slave trade - is at the root of many old and politically well connected US family fortunes that are still operative today (see the Bush family.)

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