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US arms Mexican drug cartels

Program length - 4:05


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Drug "war" and anti-2nd amendment war combined


The "drug war" was started to criminalize minorities and give the government "reason" to stop people, search them, and generally deprive them of their rights as citizens.

It was also probably created to shut down some drug cartels and enable others.

(Nixon apparently helped shut down the French Connection in favor of Golden Triangle heroin sources from Southeast Asia which the US CIA controlled. See the book "The Great Heroin Coup" which states that the CIA under Nixon "stole" the lucrative heroin trade from France's secret service.)

The "war on gun owners" was created for the same reason people like Mao, Hitler, Stalin etc. etc. etc. HATED the idea of citizens having their own arms and knowing how to use them.

Now the Bushbama administration - it started with Bush and is continuing under Obama - have found a way to roll the war on drugs and the war on gun owners into one.

That's what all this BS is about.

It's time to recognize both these wars for what they are - civill wars against American citizens and their freedoms - and stop them right now.

If you happen to have a strong personal aversion to firearms, OK, that's fine.
That's not the issue here.

Even if the government succeeds in removing every gun from "the streets" there still will be plenty of guns in the hands of government agents, the same people about whom Paul Craig Roberts says:

"Police in the US now rival criminals, and exceed terrorists as the greatest threat to the American public."

That's a fact Jack and when the big economic downturn comes, police criminality, already an epidemic in the US, will become a tidal wave.

You do not want them to be the only people who have guns in America.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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