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Out There:


"Obey" (51:47)

10 "crazy" conspiracy theories... (09:30)

40 year old Bob Dylan song "Isis" predicted the Iraq story in amazing detail (8:37)

A close look at the Cosby accusers and their stories (27:18)

A contrarian view on gold and the Fed (04:19)

A second look at Timothy Leary (11:10)

A small piece of our world (4:34)

Abolish family court (15:33)

Agenda 21 primer (06:08)

America's War on Ideas (29:00)

Americans love war (05:48)

"Anarchism" - What the heck it is really? (07:30)

Ancient Aliens Debunked - Full movie (3:10:44)

Ancient stone chambers in New England (59:46)

Apollo astronauts press conference (3:22)

Are humans better than animals? (1:13:34)

Banks are about to get worse (24:19)

Behind the "Free Trade" Deals (05:37)

Behind the curtain of the CIA (44:25)

Belgium false flag analysis (09:30)

Bizarre Space X footage (13:04)

Bizarre story, even more bizarre non-follow up (48:49)

Blueprint for Global Control (01:35:48)

Bogus Alien Ancestors "evidence" (07:43)

Bogus tech used to accuse innocent people (09:11)

Boom time in China (26:20)

Breaking bad: The China drug biz (06:19)

Burning skyscrapers don't collapse (02:53)

Can rice be more evolved than humans? (52:17)

Caring makes us human (4:10)

Carrying cash and coming to the US? (03:30)

Censored truth about the American Revolution (09:22)

China's crazy building still out of control (04:58)

China's quiet revolution (06:16)

China: "Land of the future" (07:16)

China: The Land of the Knock-Off (07:59)

Chinese gun control (2:00)

Christmas - the whole story (44:40)

Climate change and politics (04:58)

Coal ash: The source of chemtrails? (12:32)

"Communications Management Units" (05:30)

Cosby - The Lost History (54:14)

Cosby charges dropped in LA and more (41:29)

Cosby is guilty, right? (27:18)

Countries that may not make it (07:27)

Covering up the Saudi 9/11 connection (15:58)

Crimial behavior at the top (07:17)

Cutting through the nonsense in Nice (05:31)

DeNiro speaks out about vaccines (06:31)

Divorce and custody is big business (05:52)

Documentary: Amazing mating and marriage rituals of tribal China (1:29:22)

Donald the dodger (05:21)

Early American Christians banned Christmas (02:54)

Education under a microscope (01:11:30)

Election fraud season (06:54)

Ex-Goldman Sachs banker says: (30:30)

Fake UFO cults (06:55)

FBI discovers assassination plot against members of Occupy, does nothing (03:52)

Fed loses nearly $100 million of Bangladesh's money (04:26)

Flashback: Trump and Ventura - 2000 (32:22)

Flight 370: A technical review (7:06)

Following Blackwater's example (44:59)

Forbidden to repair (01:43)

Google is attacking alternative news (04:50)

Google: Fake it till you make it (01:31)

Government arrogance - and a mystery (15:16)

Grandpa Fined (02:00)

Hazardous geology (56:52)

Henry Kissinger: Hillary Clinton's foreign policy adviser (59:11)

High weirdness in American pre-history (15:00)

Hillary Clinton political critic murdered in Honduras (05:05)

Hillary plays the woman card (03:09)

Hitler, Saddam and other former friends of the US (30:10)

Holiday sales? Where are they? (05:16)

Hollywood Entertainment Provided by Pentagon (09:20)

How Britain abolished the slave trade - and then reestablished it (58:31)

How Music Works (47:23)

How Music Works - Rhythm (47:19)

How reliable are police reports? (03:36)

How to keep an obvious crime secret (18:29)

Human nature (56:22)

Income tax protestor dies handcuffed to prison bed (05:30)

Intimidated by physics? (01:14:46)

Is a robot coming for your jobs? (15:01)

Is China running out of people? (15:19)

Is it 1929 in China? (03:40)

Is it gold's time to shine? (05:47)

Israel, the Nazis and the world's biggest shell game (09:38)

"It's Just a ride" (5:00)

Japanese people say NO to war machine (01:25)

Just say "No" to Hillary (12:28)

Kidnapping, sex crimes, bribery (37:51)

Lone nuts and the "strategy of tension" (02:56)

Lunatics called "terrorists" (03:46)

Mad Max, Moscow and the Night Wolves (7:59)

Magic mushrooms (17:00)

Major US protest - totally ignored (10:53)

Making sense of Hilary and Trump (14:51)

Making things better here and now (15:19)

Media: "We will decide who won" (18:01)

Meet the Clintons (02:00:08)

Meet the UK's new Labour leader (11:07)

Men on the moon? (1:58:02)

"Missing" (01:46:38)

Moon Shot (3:01)

More History Channel baloney (11:51)

Nailing the lid down on the free flow of information (15:25)

Nazis, UFO, and Antarctica (with English subtitles) (50:00)

Noam Chomsky of ISIL (25:13)

"Normal is getting away from us" (26:35)

Not seeing what's there (1:30)

Nuclear leak 38 miles north of NYC (09:16)

On sharks and men (03:36)

On the ground reality in Africa (37:37)

One way US foreign policy works (02:09)

Operation Northwoods - The fine print (02:51)

Our secret ancestors (23:29)

Prince and chemtrails (08:18)

Professor fired for questioning Sandy Hook (24:52)

Profile in courage (28:54)

Protesting the news media (07:36)

Regime change Obama-Clinton style (02:15)

Remember the underwear bomber? (10:42)

Remembering Waco (04:24)

Rip and read news reporting (02:36)

Santa's (or is that Satan's) workshop (32:45)

Saudis and 9/11 - Just add water (18:57)

Saudis: "We pay Hillary's bills" (01:51)

School of Assassins (13:34)

Secret stashes (07:27)

Sex, drugs, rock and roll - and murder (1:05:03)

Skeptics get fooled too (52:07)

Smile or Die (10:23)

Smoking Gun: It's official policy to protect bad cops (02:50)

So you want to go off the grid? (02:56)

Socialism - As American as apple pie? (08:29)

Solution to the world's problems at our feet? (18:18)

Special Report - Canadian fires (09:40)

Subliminal messages in the movies (12:43)

Susan Sarandon making a lot of sense (11:43)

Terror paymasters protected by US (48:58)

Texas and McGraw-Hill calls "slavery" voluntary (02:25)

Texas: Making plans to go (26:00)

The '68 Chicago riots were POLICE riots (03:53)

The 1980 coup that put Reagan/Bush in power (01:50:55)

The Anarchist Kid (03:59)

The Armored Armani (9:23)

The big sell out (21:05)

The Chinese military: Reality check (07:38)

The CIA takes the gloves off (09:08)

The CIA's war on the mind (06:19)

The coming pension meltdown (25:48)

The cost of failing infrastructure (06:30)

The DC Madam returns (40:20)

The dog ate our gold audit (02:50)

The false flag attack against Cuba (02:58)

The government wants you ignorant of the law (05:47)

The great 9/11 shell game (03:19)

The greatest medical fraud of our time (12:51)

The guy after Obama (04:38)

The history of hemp - minus "Reefer Madness" (02:51)

The history of love (15:24)

The incredible disappearing San Bernardino witnesses (03:35)

The infrastructure disaster waiting to happen (08:03)

The innate musicality of human beings (2:13)

The intelligence coup in the US (01:53:57)

The life and times of Andrew Jackson (57:53)

The long range nuclear missile hoax (39:03)

The media war against Bernie (07:28)

The Military Industrial Surveillance Complex (07:18)

The moon landing hoax (14:21)

The most censored stories of 2015 (27:43)

The mystery of Ted Cruz (07:41)

The night American trembled (59:25)

The reality of the 1968 US anti-war movement (04:17)

The roller coaster crash (29:43)

The root of all evil... (07:15)

The roots of the Trump fortune (07:58)

The secrets of the Beatles revealed (58:00)

The shock and the horror (01:09:27)

The simple case for Israeli involvement in 9/11 (08:15)

The sinking of the Titanic (51:55)

The speech Wall Street does not want you to hear (40:50)

The Story of Electronics (07:47)

The super toxic secret in cigarettes (07:02)

The Torture Biz (10:06)

The twisted drug war deciphered (31:34)

The twisted, inaccurate logic of Ancient Aliens (13:04)

The two Oswalds (14:35)

The US covert war against Jamaica (08:18)

The US war against Cuba (04:25)

The Vatican, Cocaine and the CIA connection (2:01:07)

The very first psy-op (29:44)

The vulnerability of the credit card system (13:09)

The War on Consciousness (13:26)

The word according to mushrooms (21:49)

There is no war on cops (05:04)

Think you've seen it all? (06:05)

This bull is the pits (2:37)

Too poor to purchase freedom (26:01)

Two parties: Same script (04:14)

Wall Street Celebrates Argentina’s turn to the right (07:50)

Way out there: UFOs and cover ups (1:59:58)

We live in a system of modern slavery (10:17)

What are great empires but great robberies? (03:46)

What happened to Twitter? (09:13)

What I Hate (03:53)

What is socialism anyway? (11:25)

What's up with Deutsche Bank? (15:29)

What's up with UFOs? (46:17)

When a presidential candidate told the truth (04:37)

When a serial killer appeared on the Dating Game (6:06)

When the cops worked with the Klan (02:56)

When workers have had enough (01:42)

Who the f*&^ is Ted Cruz? (13:22)

Why does the US have 800+ overseas military bases? (04:00)

Willful blindness (14:40)

Wireless sabotage of cars (05:07)

Wisconsin truck driver builds atomic bomb (16:15)

Wishful thinking? (4:00)

Witness: "Sirhan didn't do it" (10:01)

Your friendly neighborhood drug pusher (17:13)

Zombie warriors (28:57)

“Oh Dear” (05:09)

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