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Are humans better than animals?

"The Superior Human?" : The full documentary


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"Man, the highest kind of animal" - Really?


We didn't always think this way, but then we got "modern."

Rene Descartes, the madman often called a philosopher, claimed that animals do not feel pain. This justified the enjoyment he got from operating on them while they were still alive.

Somehow this bizarre raving of an unbalanced mind became the scientific norm in the West. Whole industries have grown up based on the belief that animals feel nothing and there screams of pain when injured or sorrow when isolated and removed from their nature and their fellow beast are merely mindless reflexes that mean nothing.


You have to be very "well educated" to believe this obvious contradiction of common sense.

The filmmaker asks that you share this video with others. He also invites you to visit the official web site and get the DVDs. http://TheSuperiorHuman.Ultraventus.info/

Written and directed by Samuel McAnallen.

Producer, research adviser and art director: Dr Jenia Meng.

On screen experts: Dr Bernard Rollin, Gary Yourofsky, Dr Richard Ryder, Dr Steven Best. Narrated by Dr Nick Gylaw.

Writer and director: Samuel McAnallen

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