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Wishful thinking?

A decades-old U.S.-Soviet Theme


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He's not the only one


The US disintegrating by 2010?

Not likely...in that time frame.

US self-destruction has been a Russian and Soviet theme for decades.

The Russians should know...having watched their own Union disintegrate.

But what does "disintegrate" mean? Dis-integrate. Break into pieces.

Is that so really unlikely?

It is if you don't know history.

Strangely missing from the hysteria over a Russian academic's prediction is the existence of a well reasoned study of the same topic by an American academic and venture capitalist Juan Enriquez.

You can read his book "The Untied States of America" ("un-tied", get it?)

Enriquez has a 50 year time frame and he's not predicting (much less hoping for) dis-integration of the US into smaller countries.

But he points out that not only is it possible, there's evidence the US is on this seemingly unlikely trajectory.

Reality check:

ALL states disintegrate over time. Anyone who doesn't know this hasn't thought about the last 200 years of history. In fact, the US came pretty darn close to dis-integrating less than 150 years ago.

But US dis-integration by the end of 2010? That's a heck of a projection.

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