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Google: Fake it till you make it

Google's self-driving car passes a driving exam in Nevada but it turns out the test was rigged


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Self-driving cars not ready for prime-time


In Nevada, Google has admitted its self-driving auto passed a rigged driverís test. And even though there are no self-driving cars on the market yet, several automakers have been working on autonomous or semi-autonomous features which are seen as a major advance for the auto sector. That might be true, but is this a major advance for those who use these self-driving autos? I mean we had self-driving 'people movers' called rapid transportation, why do we need these cars now?

Here is one big problem to consider. Self-driving cars, if they come into existence, will by necessity have to communicate with other cars on the road and even large central government-corporate sites. These cars will have the ability to give your personal data to big government. Your computer in your car will be able speak to government directly.

They will be able to tell the government and other corporations where you drive, how long you stay, who you meet with, the routes you use, and much, much more. Reporting every move you make to big data, the corporations and government which control big data will have another means of access into your personal and social life.

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