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Men on the moon?

Maybe, but the pictures "from the moon"
could absolutely not have been taken there


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Plain logic


Put yourself in a spacesuit with a large helmet and thick gloves.

Then - without the benefit of a viewfinder - take hundreds of pictures in an environment that neither you not any other human being has ever been before.

To make it even more interesting, do this a high radiation environment with no special shielding for your film.

What do you think the odds would that all the pictures on your rolls, one after another in sequence, would turn out perfectly in focus, perfectly framed and perfectly lit?

Pretty unlikely, right?

Yet that's what NASA would have us believe happened on the moon.

Ask any photographer - or anyone with a lick of common sense knows - the NASA story is absolutely impossible.

That said, the fact that these photos are fraudulent does not prove that men did not go to the moon.

Did men go to the moon?

Who knows?

But the pictures "from the moon" are totally fraudulent and that should cause thoughtful people to wonder.

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