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Assassination studies:


A different view on the RFK assassination (26:32)

A missing piece of the JFK puzzle (28:03)

A secret genocide (25:29)

A sober look at Paris (30:34)

Another unsolved DC murder (48:45)

Assassinations, coups and other censored American history (21:36)

Bob Marley: Born February 6, 1945 (7:33)

Brave woman assassinated by Hilary's friends in Honduras (14:52)

Bush family connections to Reagan's "shooter" (5:25)

But he's OUR terrorist (4:18)

Can people be hypnotically programmed to kill? (4:00)

Can you hypnotize people to kill? (47:46)

CIA Agents killed Robert Kennedy (8:10)

CIA fingerprints on the RFK assassination (07:07)

Coup D' Etat in Slow Motion (14:24)

"Criminalizing journalism" (19:17)

Crisis creation: 1981 style (13:10)

Did the CIA kill this Hollywood screenwriter? (7:27)

Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick (3:27:56)

Fake UFO cults (06:55)

Full movie: "The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz" (1:45:00)

Giving the assassins a clear shot (5:00)

Hackers can now control your car (12:16)

"He reloaded the gun five times" (03:58)

Hillary Clinton political critic murdered in Honduras (05:05)

Hoover, The Mob, LBJ and The Texas Connection (9:11)

How U.S. Presidents are "neutralized" (5:00)

How UK elites kill to get their way (50:31)

I Led Three Lives (14;00)

If this happened in Russia... (18:35)

"It doesn't add up" (02:08)

Jack Ruby (5:56)

JFK: Killed for pursuing peace (2:40)

Kennedy knew a coup was coming (3:46)

Kennedy's Warning (5:11)

Key cell phone hacking witness dead (5:47)

Kill anything that moves (25:32)

Kill the messenger (52:05)

Lone nuts and the "strategy of tension" (02:56)

Michael Hastings death was no accident (10:04)

More assassinations by suicide (7:55)

Multiple shooters at Sikh Temple (1:20)

Multiple shooters in Orlando? (07:01)

Operation Gladio and false flag terror (3:18)

Oswald and the Cancer epidemic (02:20:05)

Oswald Doubles (7:52)

Preparing the public mind (4:22)

Reagan shooter John Hinckley freed (01:27:47)

"Rehabilitating" Kissinger (18:19)

RFK assassination photos destroyed by the LAPD (10:03)

Sandy Hook: The Gun Range Myth and other media-created fantasies (10:01)

Secretary of State doubts JFK story (7:18)

Setting up the kill (4:22)

Stealing JFK's Body (7:30)

Strangled by the Octopus (01:06:59)

The "Brexit" shooting (09:42)

The assassination of Bob Marley (17:29)

The Assassination of John Lennon (7:00)

The Assassination of Martin Luther King (3:11)

The assassination team (8:47)

The CIA was there beyond the shadow of doubt (8:00)

The Deep State (1:18:21)

The false flag attack against Cuba (02:58)

The Hinckley-Reagan show (1:27:48)

The history of Israel's spy agencies (54:57)

"The Internet's Own Boy" (2:11)

The Kennedy assassination and the shut down of the media (6:59)

The Kissinger Era (59:11)

The man who stopped SOPA and saved the internet. (22:52)

The party before the assassination (11:07)

The REAL Bill O'Reilly Scandal (4:26)

The San Bernardino Spectacle and how the Israelis handle guns and terrorism (from 10/15) (00:42)

The Saudi Government beheaded 19 people in the month of August 2014 (04:45)

The slaughter of Libya (03:21)

The two Oswalds (14:35)

The work of Mark Lombardi (2:39)

This technology exists: It has for decades (11:55)

Two Oswalds (32:03)

Vietnam and the assassination of JFK (56:52)

Watergate murder (3:28)

What happens to presidential candidates they don't want (01:30)

Who Programmed Sirhan Sirhan? (3:28)

Who really shot Ronald Reagan? (01:27:47)

Why the CIA cooperated in the killing of JFK (3:46)

Why weren't there any witnesses? (15:01)

Wikileaks source killed? (02:03)

Witness: "Sirhan didn't do it" (10:01)

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