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Questions not asked, questions not answered

Behind the Tucson shooting


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Where have I seen this movie before?


I never cease to be amazed at how skillful the mainstream news media is when it comes to NOT asking the questions that matter...while simultaneously avoiding any research or common sense analysis that might cause obvious questions to be asked like:

1. Where did did Jared Lee Laughner get his handgun training?

Contrary to the comic book/Hollywood/mass media portrayal of guns, someone has to train you how to hit 19 live targets with 30 shots with a real handgun in a "combat" situation. (19 people shot in total. We don't know how many were shot twice, but even if none were, his accuracy was tragically high.)

It appears Loughner bought the gun he used just a few months ago. A rational person would have to assume he trained on the gun he used. Where? And with whom, if anybody?

There has been no research and therefore no reporting about his previous experience/non-experience with firearms. Why?

A related question would by why is it that so many high profile "lone nuts" are such expert marksmen in the absence of any known training or previously demonstrated skill or experience?

2. Reportedly, Loughner applied to join the Army and was turned down. Why?

3. Forget the pot, what PRESCRIBED drugs was Loughner taking and for how long?

4. Where is the psychologist/psychiatrist who was treating him? You can't get meds without a doctor. What treatment was Loughner receiving?

5. Why has the news media completely shielded the parents? Their identify, their background, and where they get their money from (jobs, affiliations etc.) are a complete mystery.

This is important because Loughner lived at home with them not only at the time of the shooting, but at the time he was quite publicly and quite obviously going mad.

Prediction: Just like we never got the answers to these same questions about the Columbine school shooting - and many, many others "crazy" shootings with the same profile - we will never get the answers to these...from the mainstream news media that is.

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