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This technology exists: It has for decades

Even the lame stream media admits it


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ELF: Extremely low frequency


It is absolutely possible to "broadcast" sound directly to a single person so that it sounds like it it's coming from within your own skull and no one else can hear it.

I first saw a demonstration of this in the 1980s and in the 1990s I met someone who independently developed some of the technology to do this (which was picked up by the military as soon as they found out about it.)

Was Aaron Alexis a victim of this weapon?

Some facts:

Alexis said he was hearing voices in his head.

He claimed these voices were keeping him up all night (sleep deprivation will drive anyone crazy.)

He carved "My ELF weapon" into the stock of his shotgun.

Is any of this proof of anything?

No, but it's worth paying attention to...especially since the technology to do this exists.

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