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Setting up the kill

Hypnotic Conditioning


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Creating expectations


Right before the Dallas assassination, the news media went overdrive on two subjects:

1. How hostile certain people (i.e. Southern bigots) were towards the president

2. How "reckless" Kennedy was by failing to follow the instructions

Now, ask yourself:

What the hell is this? The news readers spends over two and a half minutes reading a carefully prepared script describing the assassination of another president by an emotionally disturbed, radical nut.

What on earth would motivate a news station to prepare and read such a statement right before a president took the podium?

I think the answer is "conditioning." The small group of people who controlled the US news media (the CIA) wanted to do what it could to normalize the idea of the president being killed before it happened.

Is this single bizarre newscast proof of anything?

Of course not, but it's a demonstration that something very strange was going on in Dallas that day.

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