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Bush family connections to Reagan's "shooter"

What are the odds?


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Reagan never recovered mentally


Remember, it was the BUSH FAMILY who got us involved in Iraq TWICE and Bush puppets (Clinton and Slobama) who have kept the game going.

Reagan for all his dizzy ideas was clear on one thing: The US needed to stay the hell out of the Middle East.

Ponder this as you realize that there was a very sophisticated attempt to take Reagan out which failed in its secondary objective (to kill him), but succeeded in it's primary objective, to neutralize him to Bush could run the country.

So much real news "disappears" after being aired once.

Thankfully a group called Core of Corruption dug up this amazing footage so we can all see and marvel at the bizarre connections between the Bush family and the patsy who was used in the unsuccessful assassination of Ronald Reagan.

Make no mistake, as soon as the bullet from the real shooter (it wasn't Hinckley) hit Reagan, George Bush Sr. became and effectively remained president until 1992 when he passed the job on to his Arkansas coke-dealing partner Arkansas Governor Billy Bob Clinton.

Did you catch the part about Hinckley living in a motel and going to answer a call at a phone booth every day even though there was a phone in his room? Nah, he wasn't a mind control stooge.

The full story on how Reagan was shot and what really happened

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